Company Profile – 1TcA Launches Sustainable Face Masks and Snoods

1TcA Sustainable Masks

1TcA Launches Sustainable Face Masks and Snoods Enhanced by HeiQ Viroblock Technology

To say we have been living through challenging times is an understatement of huge proportions. The coronavirus pandemic, which began in early 2020, has resulted in tragic loss of life worldwide, economic instability and social upheaval, however, where there is adversity, there is often also a great sense of togetherness, pride and compassion for others. 
Alongside the indescribable tales of sadness in the UK, we have witnessed individuals as well as businesses taking the initiative to provide support and help for those in need. Many people have been disadvantaged by the effects of the virus and the restrictions necessarily arising from it. Our NHS and care system has been stretched to the limit, especially at the peak of the virus, when hospital admissions were extremely high. At one point, key workers were severely impacted by a lack of fit for purpose PPE, such as gowns and face masks. More recently, as government advice has come around to the need for all of us to wear face coverings, it has become even more necessary than ever that we can all access safe, effective face masks.
Raj Kumari-Byford, founder of 1TcA LtdThe PCIAW® spoke with Raj Kumari-Byford, founder of 1TcA Ltd: One Thought Changes All, which was set up in March in response to Covid-19 to hear more about the positive steps, and impact she was leaving on the professional clothing industry and the local and global community.
Raj’s outlook on the world is sustainability-focused; this impacts every area of her life from food, waste to energy consumption, with laser-sharp mindfulness on how her actions could potentially impact others and the planet. Raj was struck by the lack of medical grade textiles freely available, which were needed on a local and global level. The issue of finding an environmentally sound alternative to disposable face masks was also a trigger to set the 1TcA team in action.
The problem: standard face masks act as vectors
All face masks, be they reusable or disposable, are intended to protect the wearer and those in close contact, however, they are also a potential vector for viruses and bacteria. This is because, before, during and after use there is a risk of transferring pathogens to and from the surface of the face masks: when putting them on and taking them off, during disposal and when touching the mask whilst wearing or during adjustment of the fit.
1TcA Sustainable snood
Added to this cross contamination issue, disposable masks are incredibly detrimental for the environment. However re-usable masks provide a highly efficient and effective solution.
Project Plan B
After meeting with Plymouth based sustainability-driven business, Project Plan B, a company committed to tackling the issue of sustainability within the textile industry, Raj saw the opportunity to deliver a face covering which would be a game changer, to reduce cross contamination and help fight the impact of Covid-19 and textile waste. The result of this collaboration was the design and creation of the 1TcA face covering and snoods utilising fabric made from recycled plastic water bottles. The fabric is durable yet soft, comfortable to wear for extended periods of time and is machine washable: tested to perform for 30 washes at 30°C.
However, as stated above, the problem of face coverings are their potential to act as vectors. Through collaboration 1TcA and Project Plan B developed a recycled fabric that embedded HeiQ Viroblock into the process which would tackle this issue, by joining forces with Swiss organization HeiQ, a leader in textile innovation who specialises in researching high-performance textile finishing.
HeiQ Viroblock Technology 
HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03 is among the first textile finishing technologies that have been successfully tested against the virus that causes COVID-19 SARS-CoV-2. HeiQ Viroblockhas tested effective with 99.99% against SARS-Cov-2.
The intelligent textile technology is specially engineered to work against enveloped viruses, such as influenza viruses and human coronaviruses. Testing took place in collaboration with the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity in Melbourne. This technology is designed to inhibit the growth and persistence of bacteria and enveloped viruses on textile surfaces. It’s a unique combination of registered silver technology for antiviral and antibacterial effect and vesicle technology as a booster.
Manufactured in Great Britain 
Made in Britain
Environental and quality issues are a core feature of 1TcA’s commitment to manufacturing new products: another core element is the use of locally skilled labour. The team are proud to be supporting manufacturing in the country were their products will be used.
1TcA is committed to reinvesting all profits in charitable causes
1TcA ethos is to ensure all net profits from the sales of their face coverings and snoods will be donated to communities in need across the U.K. and worldwide. Raj and the team have already made huge strides into helping underprivileged sectors of the community at the very start of the Covid-19 lock down, before they realised their passion for protecting the people within the community with their face coverings.
1TcA sustainable masks
The Food Share Project 
Central to 1TcA’s mission are two overarching themes: feeding and protection. While the manufacture and supply of masks and snoods focuses on protection, Raj also created The Food Share Project.
Supported by friends, family and neighbours The Food Share Project aims to distribute food to those desperately in need within her community. With the support of Morrisons and Trussel Trust to the local foodbanks behind her project, local councils enlisted Raj during the Covid-19 pandemic, to help with the ongoing issue of PPE production and supply across the UK. Due to Raj’s own personal fight against aggressive breast cancer, she felt a ‘moral obligation’ to help ensure that essential doctors, nurses, carers and other medical key workers received the correct and certified PPE.
In Summary 
Raj and her team are proud to be involved with UK manufacturing for the production of their products. 1TcA Ltd is set to make a big difference in the protection of workers, end users and the general public. By offering inexpensive face covering protection, that are proven to destroy bacteria and deactivate viruses, are durable, machine washable and sustainable, 1TcA are making a real difference on two levels.
Firstly, they are helping the environment through the supply and promotion of re-usable safety protection. Secondly, the net profits from sales will go towards funding sustainable charity development projects in the UK and globally.
The procurement of 1TcA products will have a positive, lasting and tangible impact on the environment and humanity.
For sales enquiries please contact: Sales email:
Raj Kumari-Byford +44 (0)207 520 92601TcA logo
or visit
FB: @1TcA   Instagram: @1tcamasks
Twitter: @1TcAMasks   LinkedIn: @1TcA
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HeiQ Viroblock 

• Compared to untreated face masks, HeiQ Viroblock treated FFP2 face masks showed greatly reduced virus infectivity of key virus types: H1N1, H5N1, H7N9, Coronavirus (229E), and RSV in face mask testing.
• Data from tests carried out on other fabrics revealed that HeiQ Viroblock  treated fabrics showed over 99.99% reduction of SARS-CoV-2 viruses (the one that causes COVID-19 disease) after 30 minutes using the Viral Stability and Persistence test method.
• HeiQ Viroblock has been tested against many kinds of viruses. In the case of Sendai viruses, over 99.999% of viruses are deactivated within ten minutes based on modified ISO 20743 method.

HeiQ Viroblock


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