Construction of Spinnova spinning mill started in Jyväskylä

Sustainable textile material company Spinnova has become a signatory of the United Nation’s Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative

Construction of Spinnova spinning mill started in Jyväskylä. Spinnova’s development investment in its own yarn spinning mill has progressed rapidly. Jykia, a real estate development company, is building a spinning mill in Spinnova next door to the Woodspin factory, which is now under construction, at the South Gate of Jyväskylä.

A plot of land has been reserved for Spinnova’s R&D spinning mill at the South Gate, near the new Woodspin factory, and work is already underway to level the site. Construction will begin in June and be completed in spring 2023. The cost of building a spinning mill of approximately 2,000 square metres is approximately EUR 4 million, and the investment in machinery and equipment is approximately EUR 2.2 million.

Jykia, which is also building the Woodspin fibre factory, will build new premises tailored to spinning mill operations and rent them to Spinnova. Architect Services Ltd is responsible for the architectural design of the project, and the pre-contract for the construction has been concluded with Rakennusliike Lapti Oy.

“Regional support has been invaluable to us, and everything has succeeded well and quickly with the municipality and its owned Jykia since we started exploring the possibilities of building our first commercial factory in Jyvässeudu. The factory is now being built on schedule and the spinning mill project is fully underway before the ink on the paper has dried properly.”

Janne Poranen, CEO of Spinnova

Its own local spinning mill simplifies the larger-scale research and development process of Spinnova’s commercial phase and speeds up the implementation of product development projects with many brand partners. In the spinning mill, yarn is spun from SPINNOVA® fibre, which is used for Spinnova’s product development with its brand partners.

“Thanks to the spinning mill, we can offer brand partners fibre, yarn or fabric, depending on their needs and in accordance with our strategy.”

Spinnova has chosen Rieter, a Swiss company that is the market leader in cotton spinning technology, as the technology supplier of the new spinning mill. Spinnova has been working with Rieter and many other spinning partners for a long time in the pre-commercial phase. Spinnova also has international wire experts in their own team. Spinnova’s estimate of the initial employment impact of the spinning mill is about 10 people.