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An original new T Level will equip young students with the skills to create innovative fashion, textile, jewellery, ceramics, and furniture. 

T Levels are a technical study pathway in England, lasting for two years. 

These classroom-oriented programmes also feature a significant placement to give students working experience with relevant employers. 

T Levels are being introduced across the economy, becoming one of the three major study routes presented to school leavers, along with A-Levels and Apprenticeships. 

There are four specialist occupations on offer to young people as part of the T Level, including textiles and fashion, jewellery makers, ceramics makers, and furniture makers. 

The UKFT is asking for the craft and design industry to share their views on the innovative T Level qualification- take part in a consultation to advance the learning horizons of 16-19-year-olds across England.  

UKFT’s Director of Skills and Training, John West, states: “This is a great opportunity to shape the future of our industry and support the next generation of fashion and textile workers. We need as many people as possible from our sector to take part in the consultation.”

This consultation will address the draft content for the T Level programme, devised by an inventive collective of industry specialists. The craft and design T Level is located amid the wave 4 cohort of T Levels, expected to be delivered in colleges and schools from September 2023.

The consultation will end on Friday 15 January 2021 at midnight. Received feedback will be integral in helping the Institute shape the T Level programme, when they will decide where further work is required to meet the skills demand in the fashion, jewellery, ceramics, and furniture sectors. Finalised details for this T Level pathway will be declared in March 2021.

Alongside craft and design, Other T Levels will include agriculture, catering, hair and beauty, and media, broadcast and production.

T Levels are being introduced from 2020 to 2023 across 11 diverse sectors, including digital, construction, engineering & manufacturing and business & administration.

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