CORDURA® and Sapphire Finishing Mills Ltd. Collaborate with Dovetail Workwear to Produce the new Ready Set Cargo Pant

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Evolution of Women’s Workwear into Global EMT, Tactical and Wilderness Apparel

Kennesaw, GA, USA – September 9, 2022 – With the upcoming launch of the new Ready Set Cargo Pant from Dovetail Workwear – the exclusively women’s workwear apparel company based in Portland, Oregon – CORDURA® and Sapphire Finishing Mills Ltd. are equally proud to announce their partnership on the development of the evolved style built for, with, and by women. A pant often worn by emergency medical technicians (EMTs), tactical teams, and outdoor adventurers, the Ready Set Cargo is a reimagined and stylish multi-pocketed pant designed with intuitive functionality for tough jobs featuring CORDURA® NYCO Fabric in a micro-ripstop fabric and milled by Sapphire Finishing Mills Ltd. The Ready Set Cargo is a classic example of Dovetail Workwear’s exemplary design and production processes where women are involved every step of the way.

“We worked closely together, pooling ideas, and combining our strengths. This third Dovetail Workwear x CORDURA® Advanced Fabrics launch is yet again a testament to innovation through collaboration which has resulted in building durable relationships and products designed to withstand the test of time,” explains Cindy McNaull, CORDURA® brand business development director. “Whether hiking up a mountain to rescue a fallen climber, teaching survival tactics in an outdoor school, or handling airline cargo in rural Alaska – the women who tested Dovetail’s new Ready Set Cargo need serious pants that stand up to the job. This latest Sapphire Finishing Mills Ltd. CORDURA® NYCO Fabric innovation is designed for ultimate endurance and lasting comfort.”

A fresh take on the classic cargo, ‘Ready Set Cargo’ (RSC) is the star of the show in Dovetail’s Fall–Winter 2022 Second Nature campaign, and another mark of CORDURA® Advanced Fabrics recognising the growing cross-over lifestyle trend in apparel, gear, footwear – and in particular workwear.

The pants are sewn in the same facility that mills the fabric; a process that involves a 90% women-powered workforce. Sapphire Finishing Mills Ltd. weaves together innovative technologies and traditional craftsmanship, with a robust women’s empowerment programme and a wraparound approach to sustainability. Home-to-work transportation and childcare are among the benefits for all 2,400 of the mill’s working women.

This classic utility-cargo has benefited from a fresh look and the details have been ‘Dovetailed’ for optimal function and a flattering fit. With 8 pockets (including 2 big-bellowed pockets) and 2 clip tabs for carabiners, Ready Set Cargo is a walking storage unit for tools, supplies and gear. An elasticised EZ Waist adds comfort, and elastic cuffs keep out the grit and grime. With style and storage, wearers can have it all, and carry it too. Available in Black, Olive Green, and Dark Navy, sizes 000–18, inseams 28, 30, 32, 34. MSRP: $109 with worldwide shipping.

Sapphire Finishing Mills Ltd. Senior Merchandiser Alishba Shabbir explains: “Very few names in the industry are dedicated to workwear garments engineered especially for women and catering to their distinct needs. I was moved by Dovetail’s brand storey, and together with our long-standing relationship with CORDURA® Advanced Fabrics, this was the perfect opportunity to take women’s workwear to another level and into new cross-over markets.”

Responsibly made, Ready Set Cargo is virtually indestructible and beautifully sewn. But to be sure the pants are ready for anything, Dovetail put them to the test with Wilderness EMT Instructor and member of a technical rescue squad in New Hampshire, Ariel Temper. Bruise wheels, medical tape and trauma shears are just a few of the tools found in Ariel’s pockets. In addition to outdoor rescue and instruction, Ariel also works in her local ER. As with all Dovetail pants, wear testers suggested tweaks in fit and function, which made their way to the final product to ensure they are ready for anything.

Ariel explains: “These pants passed all my tests, including my ‘pick-your-patient-off-the-floor test.’’ Thanks to the integration of CORDURA® nylon fibre into the fabric’s construction, the Ready Set Cargo is tough enough for sharp tools and jobsite hazards, while the cotton helps keep them breathable, with a flattering high-waisted fit.”

Dovetail Workwear founder and Product Director Sara DeLuca is proud of the stellar innovation, manufacturing, and wear tester partners, who bring her designs to life: “From Alishba, Ariel, and Cindy to all the extraordinary women they represent and work with Ready Set Cargo has truly been the dream team. Dovetail Workwear was born to lift women up. Now more than ever, women need each other to push against serious obstacles to our empowerment and protection. But we are ready—and we’ve got the pants to prove it,” DeLuca commented.

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