CORDURA® brand celebrates double workwear success at PCIAW® Awards 2021

CORDURA® brand scooped two awards at this year’s PCIAW® Awards 2021 on November 3rd, for collaborations with Artistic Milliners and Dovetail, as well as Daletec. 

CORDURA® brand scooped two awards at this year’s PCIAW® Awards 2021 on November 3rd, for collaborations with Artistic Milliners and Dovetail, as well as Daletec. 

The PCIAW® Awards was the first in-person celebratory event of the year dedicated to the global professional clothing industry.

CORDURA® brand and Dovetail’s Maven and Britt style pants with ‘No Fade Black’ CORDURA® Denim, in collaboration with Artistic Milliners won Best Design for Workwear / PPE in the Suppliers, Distributors and Manufacturers Category.  

Daletec Extreme X Powered by CORDURA® fibre technology – stretch Inherent FR (IFR) fabric won Best Fabric & Fibre Innovation also in the Suppliers, Distributors and Manufacturers Category.  

Cindy McNaull, Business Development Director at CORDURA® commented:

“At CORDURA® our belief is that Sustainability Begins With Products That Last™. Quite simply, the longer something lasts the less need to throw it away and consume yet more resources.  What an incredible experience it was for us to work with such talented brand partners, and to see this hard work be recognized with these awards is truly rewarding.”

About Dovetail’s Maven and Britt style pants with ‘No Fade Black’ CORDURA® Denim

With the development of Supercharged Noir CORDURA® Denim from Artistic Milliners, the denim company of the future, Dovetail, Artistic Milliners, Lenzing, and CORDURA® were able to collaborate to deliver a tough, sustainable work pant – just like the women who wear them.  This partnership marks the debut of Dovetail’s Maven and Britt styles powered by Noir “No Fade Black” CORDURA® Denim.

By women, for women, and with women, Dovetail Workwear is both a young company and the largest exclusively women’s workwear company in the northern hemisphere. Based in Portland, OR, Dovetail Workwear makes all-season, all-reason utility apparel that stands up to the job.  Workwear that in their own words is: ’fit for the job and capable of anything’ “Just like women,” says Sara DeLuca, co-founder, who tells how it all began:

“We build radical pieces out of need. Women tell us what they want, and we go from there. Our latest Maven and Britt style pants with ‘No Fade Black’ CORDURA® Denim came from a request from our most hardcore customers, who asked for the toughest possible pant.  At the same time, we were getting requests for a nonfading black pant, from women who work in tough roles as roadies, theatre techs, and film crew. These pants are up to four times stronger than regular cotton denim and have a comfy stretch. There’s also a built-in long-lasting softness and built-in color retention that comes from the integration of supple Lenzing TENCEL™ Modal Eco Color fiber technology. These fibers come from a blend of sustainable wood sources and that’s important, because sustainability is a key factor now for our customers.”

About Daletec EXTREME X powered by CORDURA®

Daletec presents a game-changing stretch Inherent FR (IFR) fabric for the protective wear market.  This innovative IFR fabric with stretch functionality is engineered with CORDURA® fibre for long-lasting durability.  Out-performing standard modacrylic/cotton blend IFR fabrics in standard abrasion resistance testing by lasting at least three times longer, Daletec EXTREME X powered by CORDURA® fibre technology delivers protection, comfort, and durability like a true pro.

This state-of-the art FR development brings new dimensions of flexibility, mobility, and durability to the EU industrial PPE clothing market including Oil and Gas, as well as Electrical and Utility sectors where multi-risk performance and maximum protection from hazards is vital.

Daletec EXTREME X is available in hi-visibility yellow as well as navy and black – with fabrics meeting EN 20471 visibility.  The 30% stretch functionality, dimensional stability under industrial laundry conditions (ISO 15797) and 50N tear strength all add up to Daletec EXTREME X powered by CORDURA® fibre technology setting the new standard for IFR fabric performance.

“We believe EXTREME X delivers performance that is vital in tomorrow’s flame-retardant protective fabrics” advised Erlend Hesjedal-Johannessen, brand manager for Daletec FR Fabrics. “Ultimately, Daletec EXTREME X has been engineered for comfort, and for protection, and to last.  It is designed to stand up to the hazards workers face as well as resist tearing and abrasion.  The longer a fabric lasts, the longer the wearer has protection in the work environment and the longer the garment can remain in use. Durable products are increasingly being recognised as a preferred solution for companies investing in protecting their people.”

Yvette Ashby, CEO and Founder of PCIAW®, has been steering the development of the professional clothing industry for over 25 years, providing a voice and platform to PCIAW® Trusted Members across the world. She commented:

“We are delighted to celebrate the innovation of our Trusted Member CORDURA® brand and their partnership at this industry-wide event dedicated to celebrating the finest in the professional clothing world. 

“This year, the PCIAW® Summit and Awards embraced the theme of sustainability and designing to endure. It was a pleasure to see our judging panel reward CORDURA® brand’s ‘Sustainability Begins With Products That Last’ ethos.”

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