CORDURA® ‘clicks’ with Modula Milano

The CORDURA® brand has been selected by Modula Milano as the ingredient brand to create the first modular backpack adaptable with a simple click; it is designed to cater for today’s urban nomad crossover lifestyle and last a lifetime.

The CORDURA® brand has been selected by Modula Milano as the ingredient brand to create the first modular backpack adaptable with a simple click; it is designed to cater for today’s urban nomad crossover lifestyle and last a lifetime.

The system has already been awarded the ‘Golden A’ Design Award in the Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Category by the International Design Academy.  It boasts a minimalist design, clean and elegant lines, plus a reliable and resistant modular system for those who are always on the move.

Featuring CORDURA® Classic 500D and 1000D durable, hard wearing fabrics with a soft feel – the award winning Milano System is a modular backpack, providing a single solution for all parts of the day.

Modula Milano is a Milanese start-up born in 2019, which today produces modular backpacks and accessories for urban nomads all over the world. The Milano System launched on Kickstarter during May 2021. The aim? To provide an ultra-versatile and modular backpack, combining the most requested features on the market with Italian aesthetics and carefully selected materials.

One backpack, limitless possibilities for crossover lifestyles

Whether it’s commuting between home and office, work and gym; or riding a bicycle to get to a co-working space and then going out to dine with friends – a growing variety of daily activities would often require an excessive load or the use of many different bags.  The backpack has become crucial to bring all the essentials.

The Milano System will adapt with a simple click; by combining different modules, which can be easily attached and detached from the core pack. This operation is very simple, thanks to Fidlock’s innovative hooks and magnetic closures.

Cindy McNaull, Business Development Director for INVISTA’s CORDURA® brand explains the crossover lifestyle trend:

“Recently we identified the emerging crossover lifestyle trend whereby consumers are looking for clothing, bags and packs that they can use for work and their leisure pursuits. 

“Traditional boundaries are changing – our customers are taking inspiration for their products from a wide variety of markets such as outdoor clothing and cycling gear.  Combining working from home,  travel and exercise, is the new reality.  We are applying our knowledge of durable fiber and fabric technologies to help shape and define the sports and fashion bags, packs and apparel of tomorrow.

Dario Ruggeri, CEO of Modula Milano adds:

Our performance backpacks featuring CORDURA® Classic fabric technology are ideally suited to any situation; allowing you to unleash your cosmopolitan soul and live every day to the fullest.  One backpack to offer limitless possibilities”.

Low impact, especially in the long run

Durability is the key strength of the military standard materials, being water-repellent, and boasting excellent resistance to tears, scratches and abrasions for a product that lasts a lifetime.

Cindy continues: “Sustainability Begins With Products That Last™.  Always durable, always hardworking, CORDURA® Classic fabrics help provide enhanced protective performance no matter what the environment – be that urban jungle, building site, morning commute, or mountaintop. Trend indicators suggest that post pandemic, consumers have a heightened awareness in the value of protection. They are also becoming more and more drawn to timeless products that make them feel safer, more comfortable and in control. Durability and reliability are more important than ever.”

Alex Feriotto, Head Designer of Modula Milano adds:

“For us, the careful selection of all suppliers and industrial plants is essential. It is the result of targeted research and quality controls that respect our code of ethics. Furthermore, by choosing only European suppliers and Italian factories, we are committed to always having a lower impact and therefore being more sustainable also at a social level.”

The first modular backpack designed to last a lifetime

Made in Italy, sustainability and high-performance materials were selected to create a backpack with a reduced impact on the environment, especially in the long run.  Thanks to its modularity, Milano System accommodates continuous customization.

This feature makes it a life companion with an evergreen design. But producing high-quality products that last a lifetime isn’t easy. It is a path that requires small steps towards true sustainability: a modular product that lasts forever.

“The future of fashion really nods towards the incorporation of performance attributes- both overt and covert.  Streetwear and lifestyle brands such as Modula Milano are taking cues from outdoor. Ingredient branding serves as a tool for product differentiation and builds equity among modern consumers who prioritize durability” continues Cindy.

“For CORDURA® brand, the future of innovation is collaboration. Teaming up with innovative brands is a gateway to forward-thinking design and the fusion of performance technologies in the bags, packs and apparel of tomorrow.”

Alex Feriotto , Head Designer Modula Milano concludes:

We pay great attention to the design phase and to the stylistic idea behind the products; we want to offer exceptional functionality, durability, comfort and a timeless design. We don’t believe in short-term trends; we believe in a function-oriented design that will stand the test of time and last for more than a season”.

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