CORDURA® FABRIC FINDER builds partner community

CORDURA® brand’s new CORDURA® FABRIC FINDER is set to increase accessibility to their brand fabrics whilst building a digital fabric partner community for an industry adapting to a changing world.

With an easy-to-use digital interface, the library will improve the possibilities for certified CORDURA® fabrics to be accessed for a wide range of commercial products from bags, packs, accessories and footwear, through to active sports apparel and workwear. This collaborative platform provides CORDURA® strategic partner mills with a showcase for their newest collections, award-winning fabrics and sustainable innovations. It also creates a virtual space for designers and makers to connect directly with the CORDURA® team.

A FREE resource to support collaboration and provide durable inspiration.

Cindy McNaull, Business Development Director at CORDURA® explained:

“COVID-19 has given us a chance to reset and rebuild something better than before. Experimentation, agility and entrepreneurial thinking are core values of INVISTA and the CORDURA® brand, and we have a continued focus on developing future-proof transformative tools. We are excited to provide a customer-first experience that focuses on meeting the ever-growing digital needs of today’s designers. Countless fabric options lead to countless opportunities to build innovative new products and design with purpose.”

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Meeting the ever-growing digital needs of the designer community

CORDURA® FABRIC FINDER will provide inspiration and enable functional creativity for the design community through branded fabric imagery and trend driven collections. Featuring fabrics from across 15 different CORDURA® Advanced Fabric technologies, the CORDURA® library will showcase a varied and growing selection

from the 2500 certified CORDURA® fabrics in the current portfolio. Targeted email messaging to announce new fabric innovations and mill partner collaborations will further enhance the value to designers.

Our latest durable innovations for a sustainable world

“Durability is our foundation, both for our products and in building a more sustainable world for all of us.” Cindy added. “We continue to work on our digital tools and customer connection points to navigate the journey ahead.

Through the launch of this virtual platform we can quickly communicate the latest in CORDURA® advanced fabric solutions and sustainable innovations.”

“Sustainability Begins With Products That Last™. And as we look to the future, were looking forward to having a broader more connected CORDURA® community as we create the next chapter of our sustainability journey.”

*CORDURA® is a trademark of INVISTA for durable fabrics.

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