Cordura S Gene Denim debuts in Denver

With 175 long years of legacy, Invista’s Cordura brand and Cone Denim will debut their most recent collaboration at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Denver, CO – Cordura S Gene Denim.
This new denim development is said to offer a real look and feel with shrouded execution and built stretch benefits.
Cone Denim’s S Gene development was initially introduced in 2007. Elite duel-core technology S Gene yarn is intended to give outstanding stretch and recuperation. These yarns are made with two center segments which improve stretch and expand recuperation, and the duel-core is enveloped by a spun cotton covering to give a delicate cotton hand and natural appearance.
Kara Nicholas, Vice President of Product Design and Marketing at Cone Denim said “At Cone Denim, we proceed to grow and lift our S Gene accumulation of denims to give clients high performing, feasible denims that individuals love to wear. Complimented with Cordura brand innovation, which is a notable, all around regarded name for quality in articles of clothing, we can make an offering that exemplifies the best of both our universes and respects our longstanding history together.”
Cordura S Gene Denims highlight high-quality nylon 6,6 fiber technology and have been approved to meet the durability, execution, and quality guidelines required for Invista’s Cordura brand fabrics. Cone Denim offer real indigo and dark Cordura S-Gene Denims in a scope of weights from 10.75 to 11.75, with differing stretch 14-32%.
“A year ago, to pay tribute to Cordura brand’s 50th anniversary, we were eager to offer a first-of-its kind selvage denim together – however the innovation partnership surely didn’t stop there,” said Cindy McNaull, worldwide Cordura brand and marketing director. “From that point forward, we’ve kept on pushing the limits to convey upgraded denim solutions to the market, and the new Cordura S Gene Denim gathering is a testament to this mutual responsibility.”
This denim gathering is intended for use in applications, for example, workwear where tough, hardwearing sturdiness, validness, and simplicity of movement are essential.

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