Coronavirus: Network Rail face mask manufacturing challenge

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Can you help Network Rail increase its supply of face masks and face visors for situations where they are required by task specific risk assessments?

Network Rail owns, operates and develops Britain’s railway infrastructure. The company’s R&D team has asked UKFT to help it understand the capability of the market for alternative designs and manufacturing techniques for face masks and face visors, should the requirement arise to provide its workforce with this equipment.

Social distancing measures and appropriate PPE are needed to allow Network Rail and supplier staff to continue working to maintain essential rail services during the Coronavirus Pandemic. It is becoming increasingly difficult to secure PPE such as Face Masks and, quite rightly, the NHS is being prioritised. Therefore, Network Rail are urgently challenging the industry to propose innovative ways to increase the supply of face masks for situations where they are required by task specific risk assessments. Network Rail is looking to provide its control staff and maintenance staff with face visors to limit the spread of infection

This initiative does not seek to influence or disrupt the supply chain for the traditional masks and visors as such, Network Rail are seeking to engage and collaborate with manufacturers who do not currently produce traditional face masks and visors but manufacturers in other industries or manufacturers who can suggest alternative materials, solutions or method of manufacturing that are still able to conform with specifications outlined below.

Network Rail is also seeking responses from suppliers who have additional capacity in supplying FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 respirator masks and 3-ply surgical masks.

Find details in the Alternative Designs and Manufacturing Techniques for Face Masks story…

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