Coronavirus: Safety concerns halt use of 50 million NHS masks

Coronavirus: Safety concerns halt use of 50 million NHS masks

Coronavirus safety concerns halt the use of 50 million NHS masks as they did conform to the correct standards and were likely to put the wearers at further risk.

When PCIAW®CEO and Founder Yvette Ashby read the breaking BBC News story, she respond:

“It is such a shame that we have the best companies in the world in the professional clothing industry, who can give the correct information on buying personal protective equipment (PPE), and the government have been going to unregulated companies to buy our PPE.”

After receiving many complaints about the 50 million face masks, on Thursday morning, Yvette asked Adam Mansell, CEO of UKFT (who has been working with the cabinet office) to comment, and this is what he said:

“During this unprecedented pandemic, this situation is unfortunately part of the initial panic – it is not a case of it still happening now, it’s merely a case of we told you so…”

Adam further commented, “This does not make it any better I know; however, the government have now invested heavily in several UK factories to allow them to make masks.”

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