Corporate Catwalk identifies gap in market for Women’s Workwear

Corporate Catwalk recently announced Corporate Catwalk box. Unlike its predecessors, the Corporate Catwalk box specializes in women’s workwear, bringing the founder Olivia Trewatha’s popular modern corporate style to an untapped sector of the subscription box market.
After engaging with her nearly two-hundred thousand followers on Instagram, she realized that women wanted more out of their work wardrobes.
“Working in corporate America, you have to learn how to dress accordingly. When attending customer meetings, I had to figure out a way to look professional, yet not lose my identity in a black suit,” said Olivia Trewatha, founder and CEO of Corporate Catwalk. “I know many women share this struggle, so my aim with Corporate Catwalk is to take the stress out of dressing well at work, so they can focus on everything else they have going on.”
How it Works
Women fill out a short survey to share their sizing, office environment, and aesthetic preferences.
A stylist selects apparel, footwear, and accessories that best fit a client’s unique taste, budget, and office guidelines.
She will receive 5-7 items each month with a style guide detailing different ways the pieces can be worn.
She then buys what she loves and sends back what she doesn’t, with free shipping both ways.
“We received amazing feedback in our beta program and women made it clear that one of the most important things they look for is personalization,” said Parker Hunstiger, lead stylist at Corporate Catwalk. “Many clients have shared that they’ve tried other subscription boxes in the past but were disappointed. We don’t rely on algorithms to pull clothes, so every box is curated by one of our stylists who chooses items based on your profile. It almost feels like we get to know these women and we’re thrilled when they love the outfits.”
Sizes will aim to be inclusive, with petite, tall and plus options available. To continue to build out their platform, Corporate Catwalk has created a crowdfunding campaign on iFundWomen.
Interested clients can sign up as early adopters now and start receiving their boxes when Corporate Catwalk launches in the fall.
About Olivia Trewatha
Olivia Trewatha entered the fashion world in 2012 when she began her blog, Corporate Catwalk. At the time, Trewatha was working in Corporate America for nearly ten years at two of the largest technology companies in the world. Her blog started out as a way for her to share her weekly outfits and advice for dressing in the workplace, but it quickly evolved into a full-time career. In 2019, Trewatha used her blogging platform to establish the Corporate Catwalk subscription box with her husband, Matt Logush. Originally from the Midwest, Trewatha now resides in New York with her husband and their 2-year old son Sebastian.
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