COTTON USA Goes Above And Beyond To Benefit Your Business

At COTTON USA, they are committed to creating programs, networking opportunities and educational forums that benefit mills, manufacturers, brands and retailers.
It’s all a part of the premium value they bring to the entire supply chain. Their dedication to helping build closer relationships between suppliers and buyers benefits the entire industry.
A recent global study conducted by Hall & Partners found that consumers have especially positive perceptions toward U.S. cotton and 80% of global consumers associate cotton with comfort.
U.S. cotton rose to the top across global consumers, with consumers even indicating they would pay more for it.
Leading hotel linen brand in China, Jiangsu SIDEFU Textile Co., Ltd., joined the COTTON USA Licensing program in 2017 to provide U.S. cotton-rich linens to premium hotels.
Now, SIDEFU trusts U.S. cotton-rich towels and linens for lasting quality, wash after wash.

The COTTON USA Mark is a sign of softness, strength, comfort and sustainability to consumers around the world. It identifies superior cotton products made with a majority of cotton grown in the USA.
In a recent study, the COTTON USA Mark was proven to add value for consumers. But even more significantly, they indicated that they would be willing to pay more for a product with the COTTON USA Mark rather than a generic 100% cotton logo.
COTTON USA offers more than just a trademark.
A recent study shows that while 77% percent of current partners say the COTTON USA™ Mark adds value to their business, CCI offers much more.
The value of COTTON USA is also its people. Current partners indicate that COTTON USA is valuable in providing advice on their business’s cotton supply chain and creating networking opportunities within the supply chain.
COTTON USA, in collaboration with WWA Advisors, has taken on the challenge of helping the textile and apparel supply chain put a metric on the value of time. This study can help decision makers evaluate the value of time in making product development, merchandising and sourcing decisions.

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