Dai is the next big women’s performance workwear brand

Dai is a new women’s workwear brand founded by a former finance executive who wanted smart, comfortable and high-quality closet staples without the traditional luxury price tag. 
Like the technical workwear brands ( ADAYAthletaMPG Sport, and MM.LaFleur), Dai combines sleek, stylish silhouettes with properties of activewear. Stretchy, breathable, wrinkle-resistant and machine-washable.  Its pieces aren’t exactly cheap but that’s because they’re made from eco-certified materials with top-quality materials and precise construction and in limited quantities.

When you put on a dress or suit from new women’s workwear startup Dai, you feel as if you were shopping at a luxury European brand. The prices are also about how much you’d have to pay for your shiny new outfit.

Founded by former JP Morgan executive Joanna Dai, Dai is making sleek women’s workwear that you’d expect to cost much more, especially for how well-constructed and comfortable it is. It’s one of a growing number of direct-to-consumer brands in the last few years that is finally putting an end to the laborious search for more affordable, high-quality workwear.

Coming from eight years in the finance world, Dai developed a smart and polished style that was further nurtured through living in New York and London. The comfort and casual ease at the heart of growing up in California, however, was a glaring component missing from her workwear shopping experience.

She thought about the qualities of the pieces she loved most in her wardrobe — timeless, beautiful fit, and well-made — and brought them to the designs at Dai. To be clear, they are still investment pieces, the prices ensure that, but all your hard earned money is going towards a purpose, including eco-certified raw materials, luxe, technical fabrics and precise, elegant tailoring.

Dai says, “Finding the right suppliers to partner with was pivotal for the product and the brand and we were uncompromising in our approach, so we tested ten different factories just within our first year.”

Having tried similar technical workwear from brands like ADAYAthletaMPG Sport, and MM.LaFleur, we’re convinced that technical fabrics are the best innovation to happen to women’s workwear.

Usually reserved for athletic wear, they feature properties of stretchiness, wrinkle resistance and breathability. These all convert cleverly into other parts of life. Even if we’re not increasingly active throughout the day, we at least want to be comfortable, whether we’re sitting down all day or constantly bouncing between calendar events.

Dai’s dresses, pants, blouses and blazers are stretchy, soft, and breathable. They’re also wrinkle-resistant, quick-drying and machine-washable. Its pieces, made by pattern cutters with more than 30 years of experience, are structured and cut precisely, with clear attention paid to fit and detail.

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