Daletec’s Extreme X: Arc Flash PPE produced sustainably

While the technical and safety elements of arc flash PPE cannot be compromised, we can seek to achieve these standards with more sustainable solutions. One of the most important parts of designing a sustainable workwear garment is understanding its chemical composition, and the potential impact this chemistry can have on the environment.

Daletec has shared with the PCIAW® how they are leading the way in this field, putting sustainable chemistry at the heart of their design.


Daletec’s Extreme X: Arc Flash PPE Produced Sustainably

Daletec is offering heightened comfort, chemical resistance, and arc flash protection with its breakthrough product Extreme X. Extreme X is the world’s first IFR CORDURA® stretch article, which now comes with PFC-free chemical splash protection for EN 13034, and better arc protection. The garment offers the wearer great comfort, no matter the conditions.

Advances in chemical finishes

During the past few decades, oil and water-resistant properties have been incorporated into more protective clothing garments to better match their intended use. Fabric manufacturers and chemical manufacturers have also made significant strides in the finishing process to facilitate stain removal and prevent stain penetration, maintaining the quality of arc flash PPE over longer periods of use. Substrates that have water and oil-repellent properties have also proven desirable in many textile applications.

Inspired by the changing demands of the market and increased awareness of the impact particular chemicals can have on our environment, the chemistry used to achieve water and oil repellence in has widely been upgraded from C8 to C6.

Updating for sustainable chemistry

The world’s consumers now recognise the importance of sustainability and have begun to demand more effective methods of achieving the required levels of performance while having a lessened impact on the environment. Water repellence is a key element of protective clothing which has been affected by these demands, with environmentally friendly repellence treatments now employing fluorine-free compositions such as C0 solutions. These water repellence treatments are accomplished by applying water-repellent chemicals to fabrics, carefully selected so they do not affect the overall performance of the protective fabrics.

Daletec are consistent advocates for upgrading their products to provide the greatest degree of protection, performance, and longevity. In continuation with their tradition, the Daletec research centre has dedicated itself to improving arc protection with all these consumer demands in mind. They have taken great efforts to design and produce a more sustainable and greener water-repellence solution for Extreme X while maintaining its protective qualities.

Daletec is excited to announce that Extreme X utilises the fluorine-free formulation C0 which retains an exceptional repellent effect. The highest protective variant of Extreme X is now certified as EN 13034 compliant. To top it all off, Extreme X is also available with enhanced arc protection, with an EBT of 10 calories, ATPV of 9.8 calories and ELIM of 7.8 calories.

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