Danish bestseller company brings its first garment made from SPINNOVA® fibre to stores

Danish fashion company BESTSELLER released its first garment made from SPINNOVA® fibre. More than 20 chains operate under the company, such as VERO MODA, VILA and SELECTED, and its first SPINNOVA® product is part of the JACK & JONES brand’s range. Men’s trousers made of SPINNOVA® fibre and cotton are available in the JACK & JONES online store.

Spinnova and the Danish fashion house BESTSELLER announced their collaboration in 2020 after getting to know fashion and textiles through Fashion for Good, an organisation that supports sustainability in the fashion and textile industry. The partnership is part of BESTSELLER’s Fashion FWD sustainability programme, through which the company launches new, certified fibres. BESTSELLER operates in more than 70 markets with more than 20 brands.

“At JACK & JONES, we believe in a better way to make clothes. We strive to develop practises and materials with a lower environmental impact. We found Spinnova to be a strong partner for these efforts. When I visited Spinnova’s production facility in Finland, I saw how clean their fibre production is and how seamlessly our cooperation works. That’s why I’m excited to launch the first JACK & JONES garments made from SPINNOVA® fibre,” says Elena Osenbrüg, Sustainability Manager at JACK & JONES.

JACK & JONES is the largest brand in the BESTSELLER, whose products are sold in more than 800 stores, online stores at jackjones.com and through thousands of retail partners internationally. The product now released is JACK & JONES men’s trousers made of 20% SPINNOVA® fibre, 20% BCI cotton and 60% organic cotton. The pants are available in the JACK & JONES online store.

“BESTSELLER is one of our long-term partners and we are impressed to be such an integral part of their sustainability programme covering 70 markets. It’s great to see their first garment made of SPINNOVA® fibre available to consumers,” continues Kim Poulsen, CEO of Spinnova.

The launch is an important step in Spinnova’s commercial journey. The company’s first commercial-scale factory is expected to be completed in Jyväskylä at the end of this year. The goal of Spinnova and its joint venture partner Suzano is to reach an annual production capacity of one million tons of SPINNOVA® fibre within the next 10-12 years, providing international fashion brands with a versatile and responsible textile fibre on a commercial scale.

Trousers in the JACK & JONES online store

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