Debbie Huntley, PULSAR, joins the Uniform Buyers’ Network webinar panel

Debbie Huntley, Product Development Manager at PULSAR, is joining the panel on the Uniform Buyers’ Network studio webinar on 6th April 2022 at 2:30 pm

With the Uniform Buyers' Network just weeks away on 6th April 2022, we joined Louise Johnson, Retail Corporate Wardrobe Manager, Royal Bank Scotland to discuss the procurement, design and collaboration required in the buying process for procurers across the world.

The Uniform Buyers’ Network (UBN) webinar is educational for buyers of professional clothing and the UBN Associates from Virgin Galactic, Natwest and Air Canada will interview Debbie to uncover how to enhance uniforms with brand identity, functionality, and gender diversity.

Introducing Debbie
Since joining PULSAR in 2019, Debbie has had the main objective of driving the business into a new era of thinking. Focusing on circular design processes and how to change our habits to become more sustainable and support inclusive projects.

“From my time in this industry I’m proud to have a brought a different perspective towards PPE design with my fashion background.”

Debbie Huntley, Product Development Manager, PULSAR

Debbie is proud to partake in the Uniform Buyers’ Network as a forward and innovative thinker. She will bring a fresh perspective to the panel, looking to push boundaries within sectors and drive design forward. By having this approach, Debbie has played a part in bringing inclusive ranges to the market and supporting other inclusivity projects.

“As the world changes so much, PPE needs to broaden our entire landscape.”

Debbie Huntley, Product Development Manager, PULSAR

Within the ranges that PULSAR offers, people already in the sector and new people coming in need to be able to access PPE. Debbie believes it’s not about numbers and volumes but about minorities and what is missing within the current ranges. This will help to address how PULSAR can offer solutions and move their products forward in greener ways.

“You’re going to see a new look for PULSAR this year which has taken the above approach and I’m excited to share it with you all.”

Debbie Huntley, Product Development Manager, PULSAR