Delegates invited to meet the PCIAW® Tunisian Delegation 2023

Following a successful trade mission organized by PCIAW® to Tunisian factories, a delegation of manufacturers from Tunisia will showcase their capabilities in the Tunisian Pavilion at the PCIAW® Summit, Exhibition & Awards 2023. With textiles and apparel accounting for up to a third of Tunisia’s total exports, the country has an established and rapidly expanding workwear sector comprising over 116 companies.

The Tunisian workwear industry has experienced significant growth since the 1980s, when competitive production costs, adherence to international quality and safety standards, and a highly skilled workforce set the sector apart. Tunisian firms have become successful exporters to major European brands in France, Italy and Germany. The country is ambitious to further expand its cooperation within the UK market as well.

A key strength of Tunisia is its deep passion for textiles ingrained in the culture and heritage. There are 58 dedicated vocational training institutions providing courses in textiles and clothing, graduating over 5,000 specialized students annually. Two higher education institutes also train qualified managers and technicians to meet industry needs. This ensures Tunisia has a pipeline of skilled talent supporting the sector’s growth.

Meet the 2023 Tunisian Delegation:

CEPEX (Tunisian Export Promotion Centre) has 40+ years of experience supporting and guiding exporting companies worldwide. They aim to enhance the “Tunisia Export” brand, strengthen their position in foreign markets, diversify exports, and optimise free-trade agreements. CEPEX offers a wide range of services and operates with professionalism, customer trust, innovation, and continuous improvement. Their vision is to boost the international presence of Tunisian products and services while focusing on high-value offerings.

Cavalier International – Stand 4
Cavalier International is a Tunisian company founded by Mr. Mongi Braham in 1984. The company’s primary focus is manufacturing clothing, textile treatments, and industrial apparel. The company makes high-end workwear for the brands Alpinestars, Kermel, EIKO and Carhart. Most of its products are designed for the Italian, French and German markets. Cavalier International manufactures its goods responsibly, creating products that are socially and environmentally responsible. 

Butterfly Design – Stand 8
Butterfly Design produces and manufactures world-class linen for luxury hotels, the beauty and wellness industry, tablecloths, napkins, curtains, throws, cushions, poufs, and outfits. Since launching in 2018, the textile company has expanded its range to include workwear and hotel unforms, particularly kitchen wear, corporate wear, medical uniforms, paramedic uniforms, barristers’ uniforms, teachers’ uniforms, aprons, and uniforms for schoolchildren. Outside the domestic market in Tunisia, Butterfly Design produces for Neptune, Tower Supplies and Meryl Medical in the UK.

DORRATEX – Stand 12
DORRATEX is a Tunisian garment company established in 2007. The company is focused on professional clothing, specifically outfits for hotels including kitchen wear, corporate wear, medical and paramedical garments. The company provides professional clothing on a custom basis, through co-contracting, and finished products. DORRATEX manufactures for the BELISSA-BRAGARD-KEIT-SERVI brand, and the company produces most of its products for the French market. 

Eclair – Stand 13
A subsidiary of the Deutsch Eclair Group, Eclair – Prime Tunisia launched in 2021. The company specialises in producing Eclair brand Zips and other metal or plastic accessories for the textile industry. Notable clients of the company include Muzel du Lac, Sioen, Molinel, SNV and Celio. The company strives for social and environmental responsibility, and exports to Europe.

Prym Fashion Tunisie – Stand 14
Prym Fashion Tunisie (PFT), established in 1998, is a Tunisian company specialised in the manufacture and distribution of Eclair brand materials and other textile accessories for the clothing industry, including partners in workwear and some of the recognisable professional clothing giants.

Tendance Fashion Textile – Stand 15
Tendance Fashion Textile is a textile company founded in 2001, with 21 years of experience. The company has continued its growth through good business policies, high-quality products and competitive prices supported by dedicated management. Our company develops its activities over the long term by respecting the commitments of customers by improving the company’s technology to international standards Tendance Fashion Textile exports its product to Europe, especially to Belgium as its main market.

The PCIAW® Tunisian Pavilion is an opportunity for UK companies to connect with vetted, CSR-aligned manufacturers and build mutually beneficial relationships leveraging Tunisia’s strengths. Together, UK and Tunisian firms can cooperate for future growth and prosperity.

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