Delivering the Uniform You Need: Special Wear

Starting in August 2000 as a back bedroom business, Special Wear has grown into an industry-leading bespoke uniform management solution. Throughout its 23-year history Antony Di Blasio, Special Wear’s founder, has kept its mantra at the core of the business; “Workwear doesn’t have to be sub-standard”. The company consistently strives towards excellence in design, product quality, and logistics, with the aim to take the stress out of uniform programs and provide a solution which fits the needs of the client.

Bespoke uniforms that are fit for purpose

Special Wear’s design process is fuelled by its passion for innovation and a commitment to staying ahead of the curve. Inspired by trends and fabric technologies emerging in the retail and outdoor market, Special Wear take care to design uniform and PPE that both feels good and delivers great performance for the end user role.

The company has extensive experience in delivering uniforms across various sectors, including car manufacturing, ambulance services, firefighting, and retail, with special touches for each industry. For example, when designing for ambulance crews Special Wear ensured that their uniforms came with additional pockets and equipment hooks to ensure crew members always had a convenient space for every medical device they might use.

The bespoke process also enables Special Wear to create uniforms with a better fit for the different body shapes at each company, offering uniforms outside of the narrow band of sizes you find in off-the-shelf solutions. Sparks of inspired design like this distinguish Special Wear from the rest of the market, as they show unparalleled care for the needs of the wearer.

Made and delivered to your standards

The exceptional design process at Special Wear is only half of their offering, as they also manage the manufacturing and delivery of products. Working with partners around the world, the company looks beyond the major players in the uniform industry to find partners which suit the needs of the client.

Special Wear currently works with partners in Bangladesh and China, and has working relationships with Tunisia, Eastern Europe, East Asia, and some partners in the UK. Taking into account delivery times, MOQs and cost, Special Wear helps clients select the manufacturing partner which best fits the requirements of the order, ensuring stable supply and high quality.

The company excels at stock management, working with clients to understand how much they need initially and build predictions for future resupply patterns. This experience allowed Special Wear to provide uniforms to over 50,000 Ambulance staff over 7 years with almost no delays due to stock issues.

Delivering in difficult times

In 2020 the world was shaken to the core by the COVID-19 pandemic, and during this time many businesses struggled to operate effectively. Special Wear proved to be an exception to this rule, not only keeping its existing customers supplied but also taking the huge responsibility of supplying the Italian healthcare system with vital PPE gowns.

After winning the emergency tender Special Wear immediately got to work finding a fabric supplier and a manufacturing facility in Tunisia which could cope with the volume of the order and the higher standards for PPE in Italy. Through their excellent coordination, Special Wear was able to keep the Italian healthcare system supplied, producing tens of thousands of gowns on a daily basis. The ability to produce a coordinated response and deliver on these targets under such pressure demonstrates the tenacity of Special Wear’s connections and process, proving their reliability even in the direst of circumstances.

Social responsibility & innovation

In the process of creating innovative designs which suit the client’s needs Special Wear always encourages responsible choices which account for sustainability and ethical responsibility.

The company sources fabrics with sustainable stories, incorporating sustainable elements into their designs at every opportunity. This focus on the environment extends to their manufacturing partners too, as they look for environmentally friendly practices in their selection process.

Special Wear is also investigating alternative packaging by reducing individual packaging and moving away from dependence on polythene bags. The company is further reducing its carbon footprint by finding nearshore partners for clients to minimise shipping distance and carbon emissions.

With innovation as its driving force, Special Wear is vigilant of the trends in the uniform and PPE market. Having identified a new dress-down approach to uniform, the company is challenging clients to be bold and revolutionary in their choice of colour, material, and design, setting their brands apart from the crowd and placing them at the forefront of the industry. Special Wear’s vision is to combine fashion, technology, and comfort, creating stylish, functional, and comfortable uniforms ready for daily use.

Uniform pioneers

Special Wear is a pioneering force in the bespoke uniform industry, driven by excellence in design and logistics. They prioritise client needs and offer personalised solutions, going beyond standard off-the-shelf options to deliver a stress-free uniform program for clients of all sizes.

Fusing fashion, technology, and comfort, clients of Special Wear can expect exceptional service from their dedicated and experienced team, and outstanding uniforms which you can trust to look and feel special.

Phone:  +44 (0)1582 430260

PCIAW Uniform Networks Buyer, Trusted member