DHL Express introduces recycled eco-friendly uniforms

DHL Express introduces eco-friendly uniforms

DHL Express, the world’s leading international express services provider, has announced that it is turning environmentally damaging waste into sustainable polyester yarn to be used as staff eco-uniforms, as part of its ‘Go Green’ drive to reduce its logistics-related emissions in the region.

DHL is working with Nouveau to create high quality uniforms from plastic bottles that are identical to the current uniforms. The Waste2Weave process is to turn bottles into ready to wear clothing, for example, a pair of DHL trousers can be crafted from 23 plastic bottles, 19 bottles to make a shirt, and 9 bottles to make a DHL courier cap. The bottles are crushed and spun through a shower-like nozzle that results in viscose yarn. This yarn is then used to weave fabrics, which end up as ready to wear clothing.

The initiative will start in the UAE and then will be rolled our across the region. More than 2500 couriers across the region will be wearing these uniforms. This step towards sustainability will recycle around 510,000 water bottles per year.

General Manager of DHL Express in UAE, Geoff Walsh said “A large number of plastic water bottles used around the world are dumped into landfills which pose a high risk to the environment. As a leading logistics provider, we feel that there is an opportunity for us to do our due diligence to create a sustainable living environment. We believe that a small change in DHL’s corporate work wear can have a big impact on the environment and set a good example for employees worldwide.”

Vice President Operations of DHL Express in UAE, Mike Barrett added: “This is a meaningful initiative for us as we are doing our part to recycle plastic waste, and are contributing to reducing environmental pollution in the UAE and around the world. We believe very strongly in this step towards our global going green initiatives and will continue to leverage our network and expertise to build a sustainable society.”

DHL offers a fully transparent and certified supply chain in the production of recycled uniforms. It works with Nouveau to ensure that all health and safety guidelines are met to protect the end-user health. It also ensures that there are no harmful substances or harmful chemicals used, like formaldehyde, phenols, heavy metals and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).

DHL is establishing itself as an environmental protection leader, consistently aiming to drive the importance of sustainability. In 2017, the company registered a significant initiative for the logistics industry by announcing a commitment to reduce its logistics-related emissions to net zero by 2050. This mission is supported by four interim milestones to be achieved by the year 2050 as part of the Group’s environmental protection program “GoGreen”.

The initiative aims to increase the carbon efficiency by 50 percent, operate 70 percent of pick-up and delivery services with clean solutions and generate more than 50 percent of sales from products and services incorporating Green Solutions. It also aims to train and certify 80 percent of its employees as “GoGreen” specialists and actively involve them in its environmental and climate protection activities such as planting one million trees every year together with partners.

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