DOMO Chemicals announces stronger sustainability targets for people and the planet

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DOMO Chemicals has announced ambitious new sustainability targets, accelerating the group’s strategy to be recognised as an industry leader in sustainable development.

At the centre of DOMO’s new sustainability strategy is a commitment to:

  • Reduce scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 40% by 2030 and 80% by 2040 vs. 2019, with a climate neutrality target by 2050
  • Increase electricity from renewable sources to 50% by 2030 and 100% by 2040 against a 2019 baseline of 4%
  • Double the share of circular products in Engineered Materials sales by 2030 from today’s 10% baseline

DOMO has already made significant progress towards the first two targets, reducing CO2 emissions from 400 kilotons in 2019 to 350 kilotons today, and increasing its electricity from renewable sources from 4% in 2019 to 10% today.

DOMO’s new targets demonstrate the company’s commitment to proactively drive climate protection and a circular economy along the entire value chain, making a significant contribution to the chemical industry’s ambitions to achieve global CO2 reductions.

“Sustainability is at the core of our corporate strategy and the centre of our mission and vision,” said Yves Bonte, Chief Executive Officer. “Following our customers’ feedback on sustainability targets, DOMO is taking the initiative to lead in sustainability. In very close partnership with our customers, suppliers, and society, we aim to become a benchmark for sustainable development and social responsibility. Ultimately, we want to be recognised among the best in our industry by 2030,” he added.

Ambitious GHG emissions reductions

DOMO will achieve GHG emissions reductions through various initiatives that include partnerships, new recycling technologies, and significant investment in feedstock availability. DOMO will invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy while waste fuels and biomass improvements will complete the CO2 reduction plan.

In recycling, DOMO is aiming for process improvements with its “Move4Earth” feedstock, including dissolving technologies, chemical recycling, and recycling from production waste. Further details will be announced at K 2022 in October. DOMO’s low carbon footprint solutions, including the TECHNYL® 4EARTH® brand with industry-leading recycling technology, all contribute to its customers’ CO2 reduction ambitions.

DOMO Beyond: The strategic component

DOMO Beyond is the company’s strategic sustainability management system that outlines DOMO’s ambition and sustainable development approach. It includes concrete mid- and long-term actions for key stakeholders – Planet, Employees, Communities, Investors, Suppliers, and Customers. It also comprises its system of governance as well as annual performance measurements.

“We are fully committed to deliver on those ambitious objectives,” said Wilfred Debus, Chief Corporate Development Officer. “We will succeed together with strategic partners jointly committed to the same ambitious targets as us. We aim to co-create future sustainable ecosystems in polyamide recycling as well as innovative decarbonised processing routes,” he added.

The revised targets will help DOMO contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, supported by governance to ensure its people, planet and performance objectives are met. DOMO’s sustainability governance and resource system, as well as dedicated processes for regular self-assessment and transparent reporting, complement the company’s commitment to engaging with all stakeholders.

Taking Action: First Sustainability Report

Today, on July 13th, DOMO releases its first sustainability report covering the 2021 reporting year, underscoring the priority of the company’s investment in this area. This sets the baseline for a series of annual reports in which DOMO will communicate its progress and milestones towards industry sustainability leadership by 2030. Highlighting DOMO’s journey over the past year, the report showcases its  current engagement and plans for the aggressive targets and long-term ambitions in the challenging areas of Planet Care, Responsible Employer, and being a Partner of Choice. The full report can be accessed directly through

The recent “HyDom” project with Hynamics, an EDF Group subsidiary, sets the stage for DOMO’s sustainable energy plans as it  swiftly takes action to achieve zero-carbon for 100% of the hydrogen used at the Belle-Étoile industrial site, in Saint-Fons, France. In addition, DOMO will announce its first Group EcoVadis rating in autumn, expecting to achieve a rating within the industry’s standards.

K 2022

DOMO is pleased to invite customers to its joint booth OA Hall 4 / 04.3 with Circularise, an innovative end-to-end supply chain traceability start-up, at K 2022. Through tech seminars and presentations, DOMO will inform customers about its DOMO Beyond framework. Plus, there will be a large display of the TECHNYL® 4EARTH® capabilities in the Xperience path area.

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