DuPont Launches Tyvek® ES Coverall Range

DuPont (NYSE: DD) has launched the DuPont™ Tyvek® ES range of coveralls to offer emergency services personnel and patients the highest levels of protection from biological hazards, coupled with outstanding wearability. Based on DuPont’s proven, breathable fabric technology, the new Tyvek® ES range of gowns and coveralls deliver an optimal balance of protection and comfort for those working in the emergency medical services, including first responders, paramedics, and ambulance workers.

Commenting on the launch, Chloé Caux-Wetherell, EMEA Marketing Manager at DuPont Personal Protection, explains: “Infectious diseases like COVID and SARS present an increasing challenge for society and emergency medical services personnel are in the front line. DuPont has developed its new range of Tyvek® ES coveralls to help mitigate the risk of biological transmission without making the wearer sweaty and uncomfortable. This optimum combination of protection and comfort can enable emergency medical services personnel to focus on their primary role, knowing that they and their patient are protected from the possible risk of infection.”

The Tyvek® ES range is readily distinguishable from other protective garments by its distinctive blue and red chest label against the white fabric. The range initially comprises four garment options, all of which feature Tyvek® fabric proven levels of breathability and durability, plus outstanding antistatic properties. All garments in this range meet Category III protection up to Type 3-B, 5-B, and 6-B.

Tyvek® 500 ES gown and Tyvek® 500 ES coveralls are designed for use in situations with a low risk of biological exposure, or where the risk is defined (BSL-3 or below). Examples include transportation of an infected patient, triage, or refugee camp preparation. The gown features a collar, integral ties at the waist, and knitted cuffs for added comfort under gloves. The coverall has a zipper front fastening, plus elastication around the hood, waist, cuffs, and ankles. Both these coveralls offer the highest level of breathability in combination with a bio barrier including virus protection to ISO 16604 Class 2 and meeting EN 13795-1 Standard Performance requirements.

Tyvek® 500 AV coverall is also for lower-risk applications of BSL-3 and below, but it is innovative as it features an anti-viral coating that adds an additional level of protection to help eliminate the virus or bacteria upon contact with the garment. This coverall meets the requirements[1] of ISO 18184 and offers efficacy against SARS Cov2 of 99.99%, which makes it ideal for hospital use around patients with severe conditions or where the highest infection control measures are required, such as in cases of hospital-acquired infections (HAI).

Tyvek® 800 ES coverall is for higher-risk applications of BSL-3 and above. It offers the highest levels of protection and is for use in circumstances where the risk is unknown, or where there is a high risk of exposure to bodily fluids. Examples include road accidents, medical emergencies, and humanitarian catastrophes. In addition to the zipper fastening and hood, cuff, waste, and ankle elastication, the Tyvek® 800 ES coverall is equipped with a storm flap at the neck and covered thumb loops to offer additional protection. It offers the best breathability for a Type 3 garment, including virus protection to ISO 16604 Class 5, and is classified Category III Type 3-B, 4-B, 5-B, and 6-B.

For more information, visit DuPont™ SafeSPEC™ website.

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