Ecmanage achieves new milestones in 2023

For Ecmanage, 2023 was all about growth. Although they are looking forward to what 2024 will bring, the start of the new year is also a good moment to look back to what they have achieved.


Ecmanage has realized a growth of 40% in numbers of active users, with which they have now crossed the border of 500.000 active users! And this number will continue to grow. This is the result of a significant growth of existing customers, who are using Ecmanage more and more as their primary ordering system. In addition, Ecmanage has also managed to welcome a large number of new customers in the Netherlands as well as abroad. A great example is their newest partnership with Direct Corporate Clothing Plc!

While we are talking numbers: Ecmanage processes around 2000 orders per day on average! These orders are placed through the webportal and the new Native App!


2023 was also the year in which Ecmanage released its newest extra module: the Ecmanage app. The Ecmanage app is focused on the wearer and offers the same functionalities as the online portal. The app will be a native app and can be downloaded on the Apple app store and the Google Play store. Ecmanage consciously chose to launch a native app instead of a progressive web app (PWA). The various security possibilities of a native app make it a great way to guarantee their users reliable data protection. App users can create their own password and username and the company offers extra verification options like a login code and a facial recognition system.


Ecmanage are proud of what they have achieved together with their valued customers in 2023, and the company looks forward to what 2024 will bring!

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