Ecmanage and Sizer Technologies’ Global Partnership

Ecmanage and Sizer Technologies join forces to create a complete end-to-end sizing and wardrobe management solution

As technology advances, business operations adapt and streamline – productivity and service levels improve, which leads to industries that flourish. Ecmanage and Sizer have intuitively created solutions to labour-intensive issues in relation to wardrobe management and sizing. Their newly founded partnership takes them to the next level. 

Ecmanage and Sizer’s state-of-the-art systems were due to revolutionise the procurement of professional clothing and since the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic, their digital solutions have taken the industry by storm as the contactless methods became a necessity for businesses. 

Ecmanage offers bespoke technological solutions

Ecmanage is the global industry-leading system for a complete, scalable ordering process for the PPE and professional clothing market, awarded with the ISO 27001 accreditation. Ron Wessel founded the Dutch company over 12 years ago with Evert van Es, Software Architect laying the foundations to the business that has become a pillar of the textile industry. 

Their innovative wardrobe management solution is customisable for businesses and can be simplistic for ease-of-use or extensive depending on the client’s needs. Their ethos is to create ongoing partnerships with clients for continuous upgrades, and improvements which grows with their customer’s businesses. 

Ecmanage oversees a global presence with over 1800 customers providing a cost-effective service which streamlines the ordering process of workwear and PPE. Their innovative wardrobe management solution has seen their success grow internationally as they won contracts with large firms such as G4S, in addition to the police and firefighting services in the Netherlands, plus other organisations like schools and transport companies. 

What Ecmanage’s customers say about them:

Sonja Kurris, Process Manager at G4S said: “One of the main reasons we chose Ecmanage’s system is because it is easy to implement globally. As a worldwide company, the scalability, flexibility of all functionalities allowed G4S to implement the customisable system to meet the specific needs of each individual countries we operate in. By using Ecmanage, we have better control on the complete workwear process. The issuing, turning-in, destruction, reuse and cleaning of workwear is better managed and thereby reduces our spend.”

Kees Kouwenhoven, Sales Manager at Kalkman Handelsonderneming B.V. said: “We have been working with Ecmanage for over 10 years using their wardrobe management system and we have been very impressed with their bespoke, innovative and time-saving technology. This system has worked so well for us that we have referred Ecmanage to all of our international customers.”

Ecmanage’s system allows for budgeting, ordering packages, clothing specifications and sizes, in addition to an inclusive returns procedure, allowing customers to control the entire ordering process in one intuitive application. 

Their customers can provide increasingly improved service levels as the solution can integrate within ERP-systems and reduce hidden costs within their procurement strategies. Ecmanage’s system is limitless with the number of users having their own personal environments whilst displaying the corporate branding.

Maykel Kuipers, Sales Manager at Dirksen Bedrijfskleding B.V. stated: “My customers have become increasingly happy since I started using Ecmanage’s system over 5 years ago. The system is easy-to-use and is completely adaptable to cater for evolving ideas.”

Ecmanage has embedded versatility into their pioneering wardrobe management solution as manufacturers and suppliers of workwear can also benefit by organising the periodical inspection of tools and personal equipment. 

The business strives for performance-driven progression and this is the mindset that led Ecmanage to join forces with Sizer, the gold-standard for sizing technology.

Sizer Technologies leads the textile industry

Sizer’s ground-breaking, industry-first, digital approach to body measurements is a transformative solution, using a digital technology to solve the intensive customer challenge of finding the right fit. Their advanced self-measuring solution is reported to be the most accurate in the global market. 

This innovative fitting technology is patented by Sizer after being developed by world-class computer vision engineers and with headquarters in Israel, some of the brightest minds in the tech industry are now working on driving this platform forward.

Sizer Technologies’ ground-breaking approach to body measurements

Simply by using a mobile application and the front-end camera of any smartphone or tablet, Sizer’s technology generates body measurements by applying a proprietary combination of computer vision, deep-learning computer algorithms and artificial intelligence, to accurately determine size recommendations for each garment, for every user. 

Sizer’s intuitive online dashboard automatically streamlines data and allows customers to manage multiple accounts with customised measurement reports to allow for greater flexibility depending on the business’ needs. 

Simon Hunter, CEO Hunter Apparel said: “Hunter selected Sizer due to its accuracy and ease-of-use. We have now deployed Sizer on multiple contracts and are looking forward to growing this tech within our business”

The measuring process is very quick and super-easy and completed within 2 minutes, saving a lot of time. The user is guided to perform a few simple poses as they interact with the application, during which time a series of images are taken from different angles that help decipher their exact contours. 

SizerPro is the most advanced contact-free body measuring platform built especially for the uniform and workwear industry. Customers benefit from an immediate, responsive solution to fit employees with their essential workwear, removing the costly need for time-consuming and labour-intensive manual fitting sessions, as well as the complex logistics of sampling size sets, which comes with the potential for error. Sizer facilitates mass measuring of employees with extreme accuracy, anytime, anywhere.

Sizer’s platform is also highly compatible and can very easily be integrated into any B2B or B2C website platform or any other company ERP-system. For complete customisation, Sizer also offers a white label solution.

Vincent Siau Managing Director Alsico Belgium: “Today is an ideal moment to put technologies like Sizer into the market. It’s such a convenient system. The momentum could not be better for Sizer to go full force.”  

Amid COVID-19, companies are rapidly searching for contact-free fitting solutions. Today Sizer is attracting even more world-wide attention, partnering with global clients across the UK, Europe, Australia and the USA and winning contracts with leading firms such as Landau Uniforms, Alsico and Hunter Apparel.

The Partnership

When asked about his vision for the partnership between Ecmanage and Sizer, Ron Wessel replied: “Due to the pandemic and changing world, it is important that we offer a complete, end-to-end digital solution to our customers. The measuring of clothing is very important to get right first time. Sizer have created something amazing which sits within our system like a missing jigsaw piece.”

The complete wardrobe management solution between Ecmanage and Sizer provides significant flexibility to their customers and offer a wealth of expertise between the two teams. The collaboration has sparked interest from across the globe and all continents since the pandemic hit as businesses rapidly adapt their operations to allow for virtual communication and services.

Adam Kaplan, CEO of Sizer commented: “The world isn’t going to stop. Companies that do not adapt and choose to sit back and wait for the pandemic to pass by are going to struggle and die-out, whereas the businesses that do adapt will be so much more competitive when things return to a level of normality again. Our partnership with Ecmanage is a paramount step towards our business vision, in helping companies to gain a competitive advantage and implement more efficient, cost saving and sustainable solutions.”  

Both partners recognise the demand for a complete end-to-end solution where the wardrobe management system and sizing service combine into one platform.

Not content with a plug-in, one-size-fits-all approach, Ecmanage and Sizer recognise that their customers shouldn’t need to adapt their operations to suit them and this is why the partnership offers a bespoke and customisable system to meet any business’ needs.





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