Ecmanage to launch a native app in the New Year

Ecmanage, a leading online wardrobe management system and PCIAW® Trusted Member, is proud to share its new and improved Asset Management Module

Ecmanage is the market-leading digital wardrobe management solution in the Netherlands where over a hundred workwear companies use the system.

Ecmanage has a strong international presence and is growing in prominence with active users in e.g., the UK, Denmark, Germany, and Austria, with many more countries being introduced to the system.

The system keeps improving. With four releases per year, Ecmanage stays ahead of the competition and stays up to date with new functionalities and requested features. At the beginning of next year, a great new feature will go live: Ecmanage has developed a native App!

We are proud to share this announcement with our audience.  For more than a decade we have brought producers and purchasers of corporate clothing together with our wardrobe management system. We are ready for the next step: a new app for online clothing management. Employees have a direct overview of their order history, budget and order status, and can easily place an order.

Mobile apps have become an essential appliance for companies and there’s a need for a mobile app to deliver a great experience and good results. We felt that it was the right time to introduce an app where users will be able to order their clothes where they want and whenever they want.

The Ecmanage app is focused on the wearer and offers the same functionalities as our online portal. A budget allows the wearer to purchase clothing items within their assigned clothing set. Besides, the wearer has the option to register a return and see relevant documents about the usage of certain products, and the login is based on Face- or Touch ID.

The app will be a native app and free to download on the Apple app store and the Google Play store. We consciously choose to launch a native app instead of a progressive web app (PWA). The various security possibilities of a native app make it a great way to guarantee our users reliable data protection. App users can create their own password and username and we offer extra verification options like a login code and a facial recognition system.

The app is created and optimised for the two specific operating platforms which makes the app fast and responsive. Compared to a PWA, a native app runs more smoothly, especially when it comes to user input and output. Native apps inherit their devices’ interfaces, which make them look and feel like an integrated part of the device. After good experiences and feedback in the trial phase, we can’t wait for the official launch!

PCIAW Uniform Networks Buyer, Trusted member