100% ‘Circular Sustainability’ programme announced for EMMA Safety Footwear

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Now part of the Hultafors Group’s PPE portfolio, EMMA Safety Footwear has announced the 100% ‘Circular Sustainability’ programme in its Safety Shoes and Boots range.

EMMA Safety Footwear is a fully EU accredited range of excellent value shoes and boots that satisfy a wide range of user needs and workplaces – from light and heavy industry sectors to office and retail environments.

Complementing the Solid Gear and Toe Guard range, EMMA safety footwear includes all the Hultafors Group hallmarks of hi-tech designs that combine top-quality materials for ultimate comfort, maximum safety and well being at work.

Additionally, every product in the EMMA range is made entirely from recycled or recyclable materials, meaning it’s a 100% circular manufacturing, usage and recycling process for every single shoe and boot produced under the EMMA brand.

This includes circular design, reverse logistics and disassembly and recycling.

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In that regard, they are helping to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals that must be achieved worldwide by 2030. They are also one of the first companies in the world to offer circular safety shoes – including reverse logistics.

EMMA produces all its shoes according to the 100% circular sustainability programme. Amongst other things, this means every circular shoe has its own materials passport, the shoe is made from fewer components, meaning that it will be easier to dismantle the shoes and the materials in the shoe have been selected for their long useful lifespan.

It also means all raw materials are reused, every material has a next use application and all shoes are individually identified in order to be able to trace them throughout the whole chain.

All EMMA safety shoes and boots meet and exceed the requirements EN ISO 20345: 2011 (E) – EN ISO 20347:2012 (E). EMMA Safety Footwear develops and manufactures the safest foot protection in a socially responsible way that allows everyone to work comfortably and aims to be a leading and pioneering international company in the development and production of the safest foot protection.

For more information about the new EMMA Safety Footwear range at Snickers Workwear, please visit www.emmasafetyfootwear.com.

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