Enertor introduce revolutionary insoles

Musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries are the largest cause of sickness absence accounting for 40% of all 9.5 million working days lost.
One in eight of the working population reported having an MSK injury, the majority of the injuries are back and lower limb. 64% of the population suffer from foot pain. However, many MSK problems are manageable and can be prevented with the correct insoles.
Enertor has teamed up with Beeswift to offer a revolutionary insole, which is proven to reduce pain and prevent injuries in the workplace, saving money and improving employee engagement and productivity. Enertor comfort and protect insoles incorporate the revolutionary D3O shock absorbing material. By absorbing the shock and reducing ground effect forces, comfort and protect insoles reduce pain and prevent MSK injuries.
Enertor insoles have been independently tested by SATRA, Creative Medical Research and the British Army. SATRA tests proved that Enertor insoles powered by D3O provided 44% more shock absorption than standard insoles. In tests with sufferers of Plantar Fasciitis (foot and heel pain) conducted by Creative Medical Research 91% reported an improvement in their overall pain while 75% of new suffers agreed Enertor insoles helped to heal their Plantar Fasciitis. Extensive trials with the British Army and published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine showed that Enertor insoles reduced lower limb injuries by 66%. Enertor insoles are the only shock absorbing insoles mandated by the British Armed Forces. Enertor is the only insole worn and endorsed by Usain Bolt.
Enertor insoles are a class one medical device and are available in sizes 3-14 as either a full, half and heel cup insole.

ENERTOR: Available to Beeswift from the start of September

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