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Evolve is a renowned e-commerce specialist that offers bespoke, custom-crafted websites that integrate effortlessly into existing legacy systems.

Evolve’s industry-tailored functionality is based on a collaborative approach that engages the needs of each customer, designing innovative solutions for diverse business processes.

Evolve became a leading B2B e-commerce solution for workwear in 2017, pioneering custom solutions specifically designed for the complex buying process. Since then, Evolve has perfected its comprehensive set of B2B features with a completely personalised framework. 

The Evolve Trader Workwear Solution links with new and existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, facilitating ease-of-use and maintenance whilst increasing the potential for speed and scalability. The comprehensive set of features include wardrobe management, manpack ordering, re-ordering and quick orders, and a multitude of custom solutions. 

Evolve Workwear was shortlisted for Best SME Digital Project in the 2020 Digital Technology Leaders Awards for its unique e-commerce service that delivers optimal solutions for diverse suppliers and buyers.

Evolve Trader

Evolve Trader is a powerful B2B e-commerce platform that boasts a comprehensive procurement system ideal for workwear suppliers. This service was designed specifically with buyers in mind, and can be customised according to unique business requirements. Evolve Trader significantly decreases administrative tasks by optimising and simplifying the workwear reorder process for both buyers and wearers. Not only does it minimise costs and time, but it also guarantees key account acquisition and retention. 

An absolute solution for an absolute problem.

The e-commerce expert is capable of meeting extensive buyer requirements and accompanying regulations. This innovative system reflects an expert understanding of the workwear and PPE sectors. One of Evolve’s biggest selling points is its offering of scalability and flexibility, compared to outdated legacy software that hinders the workwear ordering process.

The progressive web app technology allows customers to access their website through a mobile app, ideally suited for those with flexible work schedules. This dynamic software utilises smartphone features to allow administrative staff to approve orders with the simple click of a button, securing around the clock access for clients, even offline. Evolve’s bespoke systems foregrounds transparency, giving buyers a clear idea on company spend and facilitating easy access to senior staff, depending on custom needs. Ultimately, Evolve is proud to simplify the lives of thousands of people, all of which have unique and complex requirements depending on their role and position at work. 

A responsive and adaptive system 

The Evolve Trader system saves extensive paperwork procedures as well as valuable time and resources. Just one example is the punchout feature, which allows buyers to access a website without leaving their internal systems, simplifying administrative tasks. Evolve builds modern sites that are expertly created and always efficient. 

One of the keys to Evolve’s success is its extensive experience in the B2C environment, which has informed its success against competitors. 

Evolve strives to provide a memorable, personalised B2B e-commerce experience, streamlining user experience for both businesses and consumers across the spectrum.

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