Exciting news from Bensons Corporatewear: More Irish Manufacturing.

Benson’s are delighted to announce the opening of their new wholesale Bensons Corporatewear Outlet in the heart of Fashion City located in Ballymount, Dublin 12.

In their store, customers and clients can park and browse their wide range of garments with the time and attention they need. Additionally, they can learn about the products and services Bensons offer. They work together with their clients as clothing brand consultants to achieve their aims. Their integrated service includes design, manufacturing, printing, and embroidery for customized and personalized uniforms tailored to their clients needs. Creating a space where they can build a closer relationship with their existing clients in Dublin.

The store offers a wide range of corporate wear that delivers the perfect balance of style, comfort, performance and sustainability. Corporatewear should not be boring. Rather, they make Corporatewear that is fashionable, fun, and elegant without sacrificing functionality.  They create the right image for your company by empowering staff with uniforms they are proud to wear.

In collaboration with their clients, Bensons strive to support the environment. Our uniforms embrace the present while looking to the future using the latest technologies and innovative sustainable fabrics.

Bensons specialise in adding a distinctive touch to their uniforms that is in line with other companies’ brand and ethos.

Their ongoing mission is to bring the best bespoke corporate wear to the wider Irish and International market. By designing distinctive uniforms for companies, Bensons will help them stand out and bring their message with the world.

Their vision is to bring back the textile industry to Ireland. This industry has played a huge part in Ireland’s social, cultural and economic development. Bensons understand that Ireland is a knowledge based service economy. With knowledge and production, design and expertise, the produce bespoke uniforms for companies that are an integral part of the present and future of this country. By launching our Dublin store, they strive to assist these companies nationally and internationally.

Bwnsons Workwear have a continued commitment to providing quality uniforms and services across Ireland and Europe continues. The new store in Dublin gives Bensons Workwear an opportunity to serve you and your company more personally and to be closer to you.

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PCIAW Uniform Networks Buyer, Trusted member