8th – 9th November 2023 | Alfandega Congress Centre, Porto, Portugal



The PCIAW® Exhibition will take place alongside the PCIAW® Summit, showcasing global designs and innovations for professional clothing.

Meet the Exhibitors

The PCIAW® Exhibition is an opportunity to meet the people and brands advancing the professional clothing industry, with representatives from digital manufacturing solutions, textile manufacturers, research and certification institutes, uniform and workwear manufacturers, and proprietors of cutting-edge fabric technologies.

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Stand 21 (Foyer area)

Led by highly experienced industry professionals, this trade organisation represents the expanding Portuguese clothing and apparel industry. ANIVEC/APIV represents over 6,000 national companies and offers high-value individually tailored consulting and advisory services. They are also PCIAW®’s long-term nearshore manufacturing partner as well as a Trusted Member.

Stand 7

OPTITEX is a renowned global provider of 2D-3D CAD software for the fashion industry. Their solutions effectively streamline design, development, and production processes, resulting in reduced lead time and precise fit across different sizes. OPTITEX’s pattern-making tools empower brands, retailers, and manufacturers to create complex patterns, dynamic measurements, and detailed costing, leading to substantial waste reduction. With a wide user base of over 30,000 worldwide, they offer cost-effective and sustainable solutions backed by three decades of experience.

Stand 9

Kariwala Industries Ltd. is a private label manufacturer with rich social credentials such as Sedex, BSCI, 4 Pillars, Leeds Gold, Wrap, Disney, L’Oreal and Walmart. Kariwala has various product certifications such as Oeko-Tex, GOTS, GRS, Fairtrade. The company is an award winner for it’s quality process and digitalisation of products, and received a UN Global Award for Women Empowerment. The factory has an all-women base, aligned with SDGs.

Stand 2

Hohenstein is dedicated to responsible education in professional clothing and is a global powerhouse for testing, research and certification within the textiles industry. Their focus on science and the advancement of knowledge allows Hohenstein to ensure the safety and reliability of fabrics tested at their many facilities across the world.

Stand 20

Coleo transforms textile waste into the garments of the future. We are dedicated to building a circular and sustainable industry, prioritizing maximum quality, transparency, and measurable traceability. Our approach revolves around an integrated local and scalable ecosystem that covers all stages of the recycling chain.

Together, these efforts contribute to a thriving planet: from the collection of garments to their sorting and recycling in inclusive and innovative workplaces, where waste is reborn as new raw materials. This matter is transformed back into fibres, which are then spun into thread. This thread is used to create fabric that becomes an integral part of designing and manufacturing brand-new garments.

Coleo – Old Trash – New Trend

Stand 1

Stedfast is a world leader in manufacturing value-added laminated and coated textiles serving the material to specification needs of Industrial, Medical, Protective clothing and Military applications, including chemical and biological weapon resistant textiles. Stedair®, Waterproof Breathable technologies and Stedfast’s coated fabrics offer new levels of protection and comfort that go above and beyond.

Stand 17

Skypro is a uniform management company founded in 2004 in Lisbon. It specialises in developing comfortable, innovative uniforms and footwear. Skypro has received numerous awards for quality, innovation and commitment. It aims to simplify uniform management through care, innovation and sustainability.

Stand 3

Madeira will be offering the professional clothing industry its premium embroidery solutions at the PCIAW® Exhibition. The Madeira Green sustainable range of embroidery threads will be on display, as will its vast assortment of innovative products designed to enhance brands on uniform, workwear, and PPE. Madeira customers have benefited from over a century of research and development on Madeira’s high-quality embroidery threads.

Stand 18

PHANTOMLEAF® stands for Intelligent Camouflage Systems.

PHANTOMLEAF® Textiles GmbH is the textile specialist and producer of PHANTOMLEAF fabrics.

PHANTOMLEAF® Textiles GmbH develops and produces woven and knitted fabrics globally. Our domestic partners produce to the highest quality standards with testing being completed by accredited labs.

Headquartered in Switzerland, we ensure long lasting and high quality fabrics that give our customers the leading edge when performing their duties. Our experience and know-how allows PHANTOMLEAF® to have the flexibility to provide it’s customers with the best solution for their fabric and technology needs, as well as the ability to develop and test new products.

Stand 5

Lianfa Hengyu Cambodia Garments Co. Ltd, is a true vertical supply operation from fabrics to finished shirts. We can provide customers with comprehensive manufacturing solutions tailored to fit their uniform needs. Lianfa Hengyu Cambodia Garments utilises intelligent manufacturing systems such as online visual fabric inspections and MES systems, combining the abilities of humans, machines, and organised processes to achieve more efficient, flexible working methods to produce positive manufacturing outcomes. We specialise in woven shirts, with a current capacity of 250,000 pcs/month. Our new green garment factory capable of producing 2.4 million pieces a year is currently under construction, and will be ready for production in early 2024.

Lianfa Hengyu Cambodia
Garments Co. Ltd


CEPEX (Tunisian Export Promotion Centre) has 40+ years of experience supporting and guiding exporting companies worldwide. They aim to enhance the “Tunisia Export” brand, strengthen their position in foreign markets, diversify exports, and optimise free-trade agreements. CEPEX offers a wide range of services and operates with professionalism, customer trust, innovation, and continuous improvement. Their vision is to boost the international presence of Tunisian products and services while focusing on high-value offerings.

Stand 13

A subsidiary of the Deutsch Eclair Group, Eclair – Prime Tunisia launched in 2021. The company specialises in producing Eclair brand Zips and other metal or plastic accessories for the textile industry. Notable clients of the company include Muzel du Lac, Sioen, Molinel, SNV and Celio. 

The company strives for social and environmental responsibility, and exports to Europe.

Stand 8

Butterfly Design produces and manufactures world-class linen for luxury hotels, the beauty and wellness industry, tablecloths, napkins, curtains, throws, cushions, poufs, and outfits. Since launching in 2018, the textile company has expanded its range to include workwear and hotel unforms, particularly kitchen wear, corporate wear, medical uniforms, paramedic uniforms, barristers’ uniforms, teachers’ uniforms, aprons, and uniforms for schoolchildren. Outside the domestic market in Tunisia, Butterfly Design produces for Neptune, Tower Supplies and Meryl Medical in the UK.

Stand 15

Tendance Fashion Textile is a textile company founded in 2001, with 21 years of experience. The company has continued its growth through good business policies, high-quality products and competitive prices supported by dedicated management. Our company develops its activities over the long term by respecting the commitments of customers by improving the company’s technology to international standards Tendance Fashion Textile exports its product to Europe, especially to Belgium as its main market.

Stand 4

Cavalier International is a Tunisian company founded by Mr. Mongi Braham in 1984. The company’s primary focus is manufacturing clothing, textile treatments, and industrial apparel.

The company makes high-end workwear for the brands Alpinestars, Kermel, EIKO and Carhart. Most of its products are designed for the Italian, French and German markets. Cavalier International manufactures its goods responsibly, creating products that are socially and environmentally responsible. 

Stand 12

DORRATEX is a Tunisian garment company established in 2007. The company is focused on professional clothing, specifically outfits for hotels including kitchen wear, corporate wear, medical and paramedical garments. The company provides professional clothing on a custom basis, through co-contracting, and finished products. DORRATEX manufactures for the BELISSA-BRAGARD-KEIT-SERVI brand, and the company produces most of its products for the French market. 

Global Sourcing

Stand 16

GLOBAL is a textile company operating in Tunisia since 2003, managing several production units, and working in high quality standards. The main production unit specialises in the development and fabrication of performance technical wear. 

The company works closely with its customers during all stages of production, providing advice through its expert technical staff. The products are shipped directly from Tunisia to partners in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. 

Stand 14

Prym Fashion Tunisie (PFT), established in 1998, is a Tunisian company specialised in the manufacture and distribution of Eclair brand materials and other textile accessories for the clothing industry, including partners in workwear and some of the recognisable professional clothing giants.

Why Exhibit?

Showcase your innovations for the professional clothing supply chain, from fabrics to garments through to digital solutions. Hosted alongside the PCIAW® Summit, exhibitors can network with leading figures and key decision makers in the uniform, workwear and PPE markets. Sustainability and nearshore supply chains are at the forefront of the minds of the professional clothing industry, the PCIAW® Exhibition can give visibility to your brand in an event that brings together executives from across Europe, North America, Africa and Asia.

Why Visit?

The PCIAW® Exhibition offers the unique opportunity to see what innovations are available the global uniform, workwear and PPE markets, covering diverse industries from including industrial, public safety, healthcare, maritime, logistics, travel & tourism, banking, hospitality and more. Uniform and PPE procurement teams can get inspiration on how to improve safety, productivity and brand identity with the latest fabric and garment technologies, whilst the digital technologies ease the administrative burden of uniform management.

Alfandega Congress Centre – Archive Hall Floor Plan 

PCIAW® Summit, Exhibition & Awards 2023 will be hosted at the Alfandega Porto Congress Centre, Porto, Portugal.

The Alfandega Congress Centre is a restored 19th century customshouse with a rich history situated on the Douro River. Its Neoclassical design provides a unique backdrop for events. Originally built to facilitate river trade, it now hosts conferences, having been adapted to meet modern needs while preserving its architectural heritage.

The event space will be open plan, including stage, tables and exhibition.

PCIAW Summit 2021 -095
Attend the PCIAW® Summit 2023
The PCIAW® Summit is an educational networking event that is being hosted in Portugal for the first time to act a bridge in the global textiles supply chain.

They key themes for 2023 will include the upcoming ecodesign regulations in the EU Green New Deal, supply chain transformations and the digitisation of workwear production.
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