19 - 20th November 2024 | The Vox Venue, Birmingham, UK


PCIAW® Exhibitor Workshops is set to be a new and fresh opportunity that diverts from the traditional way of exhibiting, into an interactive group session experience that enhances the learning and networking benefits that is fully integrated into the PCIAW® Summit agenda for 2024.

The fast-paced innovation in the professional clothing industry enhances the design, durability, functionality and sustainability of uniforms, workwear and PPE. From across the supply chain, the PCIAW® Exhibitor Workshops will give an unrivalled opportunity to learn how to truly embed the latest technologies into your individual businesses.

The Professional Clothing Fashion Show

Corporate uniforms are increasingly blending design trends with luxury fashion brands, whilst workwear and PPE increasingly look to the sportswear market for inspiration.

The PCIAW® Summit & Awards events will both feature the finest professional clothing designs from leading brands from around the world in the Professional Clothing Fashion Show. It is an unmissable opportunity to showcase the true potential of uniform.

The Timeline

18th November

UK factory tours showcasing British manufacturing capabilities

19th November

PCIAW® Summit, exhibition workshops & fashion show. 9am – 5pm.

20th November

November – PCIAW® Summit, exhibition workshops & fashion show. 9am – 2pm.

20th November

PCIAW® Awards ceremony. 6pm until late. Tickets sold separately.

PCIAW® Exhibition Gallery 2023