Facing the heat: flame-retardant fabrics

Pioneering innovations in flame-retardant textiles have the potential to revolutionise the workwear sector in the professional clothing industry. Embedding flame-retardant qualities into composition materials ensure that garments are undamaged by the passing of time and can withstand even the harshest of conditions to delivering excellent performance results. Innovative flame-retardant properties safeguard wearers from unprotected heat sources through the use of inherently treated fabrics that contain chemicals and inhibit the spread of fire.

Daletec EXTREME X – Inherent Flame Protection

The latest pioneering development in thermal hazard worker protection from FR fabric specialist Daletec is set to shake up the industrial PPE clothing market.

This innovative inherent flame-retardant fabric with stretch functionality is engineered with CORDURA® fibre for long-lasting durability. Out-performing standard modacrylic/cotton blend IFR fabrics in standard abrasion resistance testing by lasting at least three times longer, Daletec EXTREME X delivers protection, flexibility, and durability like a true pro.

The technical research team at Daletec set out to develop a fabric for the future. Their concept was a product that had excellent performance levels; high abrasion resistance; maximum protection from flames and sparks; plus, the comfort and flexibility that workers need from a fabric that would be worn in a wide range of conditions. EXTREME X is the result, featuring a state-of-the-art blend of fibre technologies combining the comfort of industrial launderable MoveX® stretch with the durability of INVISTA CORDURA® high-tenacity nylon 6,6.

“CORDURA® brand is proud to collaborate with Daletec on this next-generation IFR fabric powered by CORDURA® fibre technology” said Dr.Tim Anson, Global Product Manager INVISTA CORDURA® brand. “We have seen this fabric exceed expected performance levels in laboratory testing.  The EXTREME X fabric developed by Daletec is a game-changer. It’s going to set a new benchmark in durable performance for the industry.”

  • Key features of Daletec EXTREME X 
    • Excellent FR performance even after extensive washing
    • Excellent abrasion resistance powered by CORDURA® fibre technology
    • Freedom of movement powered by MoveX® stretch technology
    • High Arc protection rating (9 cal/cm2) – certified to a broad range of the required European norms
    • Industrial launderability (75oC and above)
    • Extreme comfort – excellent air permeability combined with soft handle

“We believe EXTREME X delivers performance that is vital in tomorrow’s flame-retardant protective fabrics” advised Erlend Hesjedal-Johannessen, brand manager for Daletec FR Fabrics. “Ultimately, Daletec EXTREME X has been engineered for comfort, and for protection, and to last. It is designed to stand up to the hazards workers face as well as resist tearing and abrasion. The longer a fabric lasts, the longer the wearer has protection in the work environment and the longer the garment can remain in use. Durable products are increasingly being recognised as a preferred solution for companies investing in protecting their people.”

Targeted for workers in electrical power generation and utilities where multi-risk performance and maximum protection from hazards is important, Daletec EXTREME X is available in hi-visibility yellow as well as navy and black – with fabrics meeting EN 20471 contrast. The 30% stretch functionality, dimensional stability at ISO 15797 and 50N tear strength all add up to Daletec EXTREME X setting the new standard for IFR fabric performance.

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CORDURA® Fibre Technology
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Blazing a trail: Polartec® FR Collection

Westex® and Polartec®, two Milliken & Company textile businesses, unite for a category-defining collaboration to pioneer a game-changing addition to the flame-resistant selection. 

Westex®: A Milliken Brand has garnered an expert reputation over 60 years of leading the industry in expert, flame-resistant fabrics. Across the world, millions of Westex FR/AR fabrics safeguard workers in the utility, electrical maintenance, oil and gas, and metals industries. 

Polartec is renowned for pioneering sustainable textile solutions since inventing the modern technical fleece in 1981. The dedicated Polartec engineering team has advanced the science of fabric technologies to solve modern problems through ergonomic design and use. 

The Polartec range encompasses lightweight wicking and cooling fabrics, insulation and weather protection technologies, used by the U.S. military plus flame-resistance and contract upholstery markets across the world.

Inspiring resilience across the globe

The new Polartec® FR Collection comprises flame-resistant (FR) and arc-rated (AR) knit fabric, with three unique Polartec fabric constructions engineered with Westex FR/AR fabric technology. Combining premium performance with excellent protection, the collection includes a versatile range of FR/AR knit fabrics promoting optimal comfort. 

A defining collaboration, the Polartec® FR Fabric Collection introduces three unique Polartec® fabric constructions engineered with outstanding FR/AR fabric technology. 

Polartec® Power Dry® FR guarantees enhanced next-to-skin moisture management through its patented tri-blend knit for mechanical wicking, enhanced breathability, and superior comfort levels. 

Polartec® Power Grid™ FR offers versatile warmth through its ability to trap warm air and release excess heat during exertion, whilst Polartec® Wind Pro® FR sets a new standard in innovative weather-resistant fabric, maintaining optimal breathability and comfort. 

An expert insight into flame-resistance

The Editor of PCIAW®, Declan Osborn, joined Michael Langley, VP Sales and Marketing at Westex: A Milliken Brand, to discuss the latest Westex innovations:

“Westex has a vast library of state-of-the-art flame-resistant fabrics, designed specifically for workers on the front lines. The Polartec FR Collection, released in late 2020, is our newest innovation and one of our most exciting ones to date. This collection was a labour of love and true collaboration with our partners at Polartec. We’re both a part of the Milliken & Company organisation and saw an opportunity for us to bring the best of FR/AR technology to the most superior knit capabilities in the world—the result is the Polartec FR Collection.

Michael Langley, VP Sales and Marketing at Westex: A Milliken Brand

The collection brings premium performance and superior protection together with three unique Polartec fabric constructions engineered with Westex FR/AR technology. The fabrics in this collection are top-of-the-line. The products span shirting, insulation and weather resistance and prioritise comfort and compliance equally so wearers never have to compromise.”

What is the significance of this new collection for the rest of the industry?

It is the first collaboration between Westex and Polartec, so this really is the first time you have the world’s best FR/AR technology integrated into the world’s best knit products. We brought the pinnacle of outdoor and athletic performance apparel into the PPE space. There is nothing on the market that can compare when it comes to trusted thermal protection and superior comfort and breathability. 

How much of your time and resources are invested directly into innovating ‘new’ products for your customers? 

At Westex, we’re constantly innovating, every day. As a part of Milliken & Company, we have some of the most intelligent thinkers working to advance the standards and possibilities of FR/AR technology. Of course, our customers are a critical component of our success and listening to their feedback, challenges and needs many times dictate where we direct our energy. For example, our new Westex App was developed in direct response to customer requests for a streamlined process to make it easier to choose the right personal protective equipment (PPE). 

How do you launch new products to market and how do you engage customers and end-users with your new release?

As mentioned, at Westex we work directly with end-users in the research and development phase of new fabrics to ensure we’re creating solutions to their challenges, rather than simply new products for the sake of it. Market feedback is hugely important to us and it engages the entire value chain for feedback during new product development and launches. 

We are always looking for new ways to speak directly with the end-users who will benefit from new fabrics, whether that’s through contact through our sales team, by attending industry events or digitally on our social media channels. 

Will you be attending PCIAW® Summit, Networking & Awards 2021?

As the title sponsor of the PCIAW® Summit this year, we absolutely see the effectiveness of being a part of the program. It’s one of the most important events for our industry and a trusted resource for our profession. 

What other wider trends have you noticed in the flame-resistant markets? In what ways do you see the market changing over the coming year?

Stretch and sustainability are common themes that come up often and quite frankly push the boundaries of product capability as it exists today. The end-user experience is at the heart of the first trend and engineering fabrics to not only protect, but also consider environmental impact over the life cycle of the product drives the latter theme. 

Both trends require intentional and thoughtful fabric design for which we believe we are uniquely positioned to address.

What are your company plans moving forward – to innovate new products, reach new markets, achieve sales targets? How do you set to achieve that?

As the global leader in FR/AR fabrics, it’s incredibly important to us that we continue to advance fabric development from a global perspective. Outside of standards, there are environmental considerations, from climate to cultural norms, that need to be addressed. 

Societies evolve to require safety at their own pace and in their own form over time and we’ve always had a role in ensuring that when the time is right, workers around the world are equipped with the best products.

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Polartec is the premium provider of innovative textile solutions. Since inventing modern synthetic fleece in 1981, our engineers have advanced the science of fabric, creating fabric technologies that solve problems and improve the way products are designed and used. Our products range from lightweight wicking and cooling fabrics, to insulation and weather protection textiles, and are utilized by leading consumer brands, the U.S. Military and other global militaries, flame resistant, workwear, and contract upholstery markets.
The FR and AR terms specifically apply to protective fabrics used in the garments and PPE needed as part of a thermal hazard safety program.
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PULSAR®: cutting-edge performance wear

PULSAR®, a leader in high-performance apparel, has crafted a legacy of pioneering quality, innovation, and ingenuity. 

Breaking boundaries with its certified and technologically innovative products, PULSAR® clothing instils confidence and optimal protection for wearers across the globe.

The PULSAR® Electric ARC collection offers protection against the world’s most hazardous dangers. In addition to the technical requirements that PPE garments must adhere to, PULSAR®’s ARC Clothing has passed several rigorous wearer trials to ensure that the final garment is not only fit for purpose, but surpasses and exceeds wearer expectations. 

Groundbreaking Tekstina Fabric

PULSAR®’s close relationship with fabric manufacturer Tekstina results in the finest Electric ARC garments that the industry has to offer. With an established 3 pillars of quality, reliability, and innovation, PULSAR® ensures that its supplier partners share a synergy and sustained commitment to expert precision. PULSAR® uses Tekstina’s URIM Fabric in its PRARC09 Electric ARC Storm Coat, which not only boasts unrivalled flame-retardant protection, but also gives the wearer protection from ARC flashes and static electricity, as well as boasting Class 3 waterproof and breathable qualities.

Ethical endurance

Tekstina URIM Fabric is polyester-free and is composed of natural fibres, with an overall reduced water and carbon footprint than more damaging fabrics like cotton and polyester. Its lightweight and durable features ensure that user comfort and protection are of the utmost importance. In addition, durable garments have longer life cycles and are more cost-efficient due to their prologued quality, meaning that sustainability is embedded into the heart of URIM Fabric. 

The PULSAR® collection of Electric ARC clothing consists of 3 different layered elements, including base layers, workwear and waterproof garments. 

The option of layering the various elements offers maximum wearer protection. In addition, PULSAR® have a designated production facility, where clothing is audited annually and is notably accredited Article 11B/Module D status. 

As leading players in protective clothing, PULSAR® has perfected a pattern of innovative design and continued development dedicated to enhancing the wearer experience. In the future, the company plans to continue to develop the range in order to complement the overall PULSAR® offering.

Web: www.pulsaruk.com

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