18th November 2024 | The Vox Venue, Birmingham, UK


PCIAW® Factory Tours is for the very first time, set to showcase the finest manufacturing facilities that can be found right here in the UK. PCIAW® is proud to promote the British offering of European manufacturing.

Delegates of the PCIAW® Summit, Exhibition & Awards 2024 can attend the inclusive tour, to experience first-hand, British-made textiles and garments, as well high-tech robotics in a state-of-the-art distribution centre.

Not everybody gets the opportunity to see and learn how textile processing works with their own eyes and the PCIAW® is excited to give delegates the chance to do so.

The Timeline

18th November

UK factory tours showcasing British manufacturing capabilities

19th November

PCIAW® Summit, exhibition workshops & fashion show. 9am – 5pm.

20th November

PCIAW® Summit, exhibition workshops & fashion show. 9am – 2pm.

20th November

PCIAW® Awards ceremony. 6pm until late. Tickets sold separately.

PCIAW® is in the planning stages of the factory tours and details will be provided in due course.

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As part of regulations for certain factories, we require an attendee record for both hi-vis and protective footwear sizing. Items will be provided at the relevant factories.
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