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Flame-retardant workwear market growth forecast

Snickers Workwear ProtecWork – Increasing Protection Through Layers

This fully accredited and independently tested Protective Wear for heat, flame and electrostatic risk environments delivers market-leading hazard-protection in a wide range of hazardous working environments.

The key features and benefits of the clothing includes the hi-tech, advanced fabric technology integral to the Base-, Mid- and Top-Layer garments for both men and women that combine well with the Snickers Workwear hallmarks of best-in-class durability, comfort, ergonomics and fit.

Wear layers to increase your protection.

Research carried out by Snickers Workwear in the toughest of working environments has concluded that the best ways to improve your level of protection against electric arc hazards is to wear layers. The main benefit of wearing layers is that the air gap formed between different garments provides increased protection.
There is no general rating for how much increased protection the air gap between layers provides. However, Snickers Workwear’s appointed test lab has conducted a number of tests that show
that the air gap increases protection by more than 5 cal/cm2.
The calorie level of the extra protection depends on a variety of factors, such as fabric structure, thickness and construction. What we do know for certain is that wearing multiple layers does
improve the protection rating. It’s therefore best to think of the air gap between each layer as extra protection that improves your chances of avoiding burns in the event of an accident.
ProtecWork clothing is fully accredited to a variety of risk and bad weather working environments and all the garments are manufactured from tailor-made fabrics designed to respond to
the demands of the conditions in which they’re worn.
So with over 60 different garments and accessories to choose from, you can make sure you get the right protection, visibility, flexibility, comfort and durability. Check out the new Snickers
Workwear ProtecWork range to fit your workday and wellbeing on site.
For more information on the new ProtecWork products, visit www.snickersworkwear.co.uk alternatively, call the Snickers Workwear Helpline on 01484 854788.

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