Feature – The Unstoppable Brands in Sustainability – Carrington

The Unstoppable Brands in Sustainability – Carrington

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Carrington Textiles’ Main Factory Further Demonstrates Commitment to the Environment with ISO 50001 certification


Energy is one of the most important resources of any industrial activity, but its availability is not infinite, and in a world moving toward more sustainable practices in all sectors, the quest to conserve energy and reduce the impact its use has on the environment is vital.

As part of the commitment to maximise efficiency in the use of energy, Carrington Textiles’ main dyeing and printing facility, Pincroft, has received the ISO 50001 certification which will help the company use energy more efficiently while conserving natural resources and tackling climate change.
ISO 50001 is a standard that offers the tools to use data to better understand and make decisions about energy consumption, continually improve energy management and evaluate results. This certification was achieved by training and creating awareness within employees in energy site consumption and energy saving, as well as preparing the energy team, who set in place the framework and auditing aspects of the management system.
The installation of energy data trackers to improve on energy consumption reporting and drive continuous energy improvement also played a key part on achieving the standard.
Pincroft’s ISO 50001 compliments the sites OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 management systems. These four ISO certifications are an example on how the textile manufacturer use ISO standards to manage their operations effectively and sustainably.
On this important achievement, Group SHEQ Manager Andrew Meacher says: “We are proud of having received the ISO 50001 certification. The team involved worked hard to achieve this and we are looking forward to making a more efficient use of our energy for the benefit of the environment, and evaluate in the near future how this will help reduce the carbon footprint of the site even further.”
The company has also been operating an Environmental Management System compliant with the ISO 14001 requirements for the preparation, dyeing printing and finishing of their fabrics for the last 14 years, demonstrating the company’s continuous commitment and improvement to more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.
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