Feature – The Unstoppable Brands in Sustainability – Klopman

The Unstoppable Brands in Sustainability – Klopman

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Sustainability at Klopman


At Klopman we know how important social responsibility and sustainability is for our customers. Conscious choices are becoming increasingly relevant – especially when buying fabrics.

Klopman’s mission is to improve the quality of life and protection of people with innovative sustainable fabrics. Dealing responsibly with people and the environment is increasingly shaping the context of our business. Resources will become increasingly scarcer and the pollution will continue to grow. Extending product lifespans is mandatory, the more times a garment can be worn means less production and less consumption: we’re more committed than ever to produce fabrics that last.
On top of that, we also recently launched a completely new product line, GREENWEAR fabrics based on environmentally friendly raw materials like Recycled Polyester, Fairtrade Cotton, BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) Cotton, Organic Cotton and Tencel™, meeting the very highest quality, safety and environmental standards.
Klopman’s commitment to sustainability also runs through all aspects of our manufacturing process, from fibre selection to finishing. Our major recent investment was the installation of the new co-generation power station with a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions, lower energy consumption and greater plant efficiency. Klopman has been working towards the minimisation of toxic substances, waste reduction and has set the goal to apply Öeko-Tex® Class 1 finish to all the fabrics, to ensure increased availability of fabrics which are kind to the skin.
Our products are manufactured by people, used by people and serve people within their daily duties. This is why human rights are so important to Klopman and is stated in our CODE of ETHICS and CODE of CONDUCT. Responsible sourcing, occupational health and safety, environmental management, are covered by various Klopman policies, directives and processes: the INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM POLICY in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001, UNI EN ISO 18001 standards.
Our CSR Report to summarise Klopman’s commitment to Innovation, fair business practices, social inclusion, and product responsibility. Furthermore, Klopman achieved level 3, the maximum ranking level of STeP, Sustainable Textile Production by Öeko-Tex®, certification that measures the environmental performance, social responsibility, health and safety performance of the company.
In accordance with this, we also ask our suppliers to embrace the same ethical and environmental values that made us successful in the market. We work actively to address them across our value chain: zero approach to bribery and corruption and to responsible sourcing.
The challenge of the future for the market is to move towards a circular business model, promoting a new way of working together with suppliers and customers, to reuse what has already been produced and sent out on the market For more information visit www.klopman.com.

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