Feature – The Unstoppable Brands in Sustainability – Project Plan B

The Unstoppable Brands in Sustainability – Project Plan B

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The Unstoppable Brand in Sustainability


Project Plan B

Project Plan B have used their resources and expertise to take clear and decisive action towards creating a more sustainable textile industry. Pioneering in their field, it is their mission to be the catalyst for positive change and make the term no end of use a reality.

Tim Cross, Managing Director of Project Plan B will be presenting on ‘A Closed-Loop Sustainable Solution’ at the PCIAW® Summit,  at the Radisson Blu Edwardian, Heathrow Airport.
Tim says, “We believe that by designing garments to be recycled right from the start, we can substantially reduce our impact while delivering exceptional quality performance workwear”.

A Circular Solution

Project Plan B have adapted from a linear to a circular recycled polyester system which eliminates the use of virgin polyester, saving vital natural resources and reducing CO2 emissions. They then created a system for end of life, identifying their garments with a designed to be recycled mark, which enables the product to be collected back in for recycling at end of use. This innovation ensures that all their garments can be diverted from landfill or incineration, and instead recycled back into raw polyester ready to be used again.

  • All our garments are made from 100% recycled materials
  • Every garment is designed to be recycled
  • Each garment can be 100% recycled by Project Plan B

Project Plan B are currently designing uniforms for London Stansted Airport which will have sustainability at their heart. It will be a revolutionary step in bringing about industry wide change, proving a circular approach is the future of uniform.

Ongoing Innovation

Project Plan B are constantly researching and developing ways to expand their circular system through collaboration and education. Currently developing a leading recycling facility in the UK, they plan to expand from recycling not only polyesters but other fabrics too, extending the impact they can have across industry sectors. Watch this space!
Their aim is to inspire as many as possible to follow their lead, be it businesses, students or individuals. They provide education through seminars, business to business consultancy, and talks to design students.
“We will keep pushing boundaries, innovating and sharing knowledge to achieve the positive change we believe the textile industry is capable of,” stated Tim Cross.