Fire-Dex Donates Decon Bags for Firefighter Safety

Fire-Dex, the firefighter garment producer, has a ‘WE CARE’ initiative which aspires to implement change within the industry. They focus on reducing contamination, heat-stress and avoiding exposure. The initiative covers Medina Ohio and recently publicised they are pleased to start issuing an airtight, single-use Decon bag with each turnout gear purchase to leave the Medina headquarters.
Contamination control is critical for Personal Protective Equipment but often overlooked for more familiar problems such as smoke inhalation and burns. Prolonged exposure to dangerous contaminants (for example, carcinogens) carry heavy risks as research has shown. This decontamination technique aims to promote awareness and significantly lower the number of harmful substances on firefighter uniforms immediately after a structural fire.
“We are focused on the health and safety of firefighters and that really defines who we are as a company, our product development focus, and our marketing message. These Decon Bags are intended to be used after a structural fire in an effort to mitigate the spread of contaminants and keep our firefighters safe. Many departments have been using trash bags during on-scene decontamination and our decon bags will offer a better solution for handling contaminated PPE until the gear can be cleaned,” said Jenny McPherson, Marketing Manager.
Fire-Dex is a major manufacturer of all apparel protection for first responders which includes rescue PPE, helmets, gloves, hoods and turnout gear. Their passion for health and safety has shined a light on the continued dangers our emergency services face in their day to day jobs and continue to improve products for a new, more proactive approach to fire safety.

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