Fix Up, Look Sharp

Your Younger colleagues think that you need to dress smarter: according to new studies
Recent studies carried out by the Savile Row Company have discovered that more than half of Millennials think that it is important for working environments to have an established, smarter dress code with only a third of Millennials who think that their colleagues dress smartly enough.
This new research suggests that Millennial attitudes to challenging conventional working environments are changing with 77% who agree that dressing professionally means that you are taken more seriously.
Fashion blogger Sophie Green who has worked in the professional clothing industry states “I have always been of the opinion that first impressions count in the workplace. Following fashion trends is less applicable in corporate roles, instead I’d recommend investing in good tailoring be that a suit, tailored dress or similar. Whilst I believe that casual wear is becoming more commonplace in city roles (ties are less prevalent for example) I think when dressed smartly half the battle is already won.”
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