Forestandarb visit Haix

Haix provide safety boots that covers the areas of: Fire, rescue/medical, workwear, police, military, cross nature, forest and streetwear. were lucky enough to have an exclusive visit to Haix in Croatia. They were invited to a series of enlightening presentations given by various key members of the HAIX company including their CEO Mr Ewald Haimeri who explained how HAIX intend to move forward and that in 2019 they intend to launch their new chainsaw protective boot.
There was great emphasis on the fact that all HAIX boots are made in Europe and more than 95% of the materials used are purchased and produced in Europe too.
Forestandarb were informed about the process of creating the Chainsaw protective boots; each piece of leather is cut out and sewn by hand and all done in house from start to finish with the addition of Gore-tex lining, providing stunning quality and craftsmanship.
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image taken from HAIX

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