Fristads joins the European network for sustainable business

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By joining the B.A.U.M. e.V. network, Fristads, the Scandinavian manufacturer of workwear, aims to benefit from the exchange in B.A.U.M.’s European consulting and project network. Fristads has the declared goal of being the leading supplier of sustainable workwear.

Leading the way in sustainability
Fristads has a long-term goal to lead the workwear industry when it comes to sustainability and broke new ground when it launched the world’s first environmentally declared clothing collection Fristads Green in 2019. All Fristads Green products have an Environmental Product Declaration, an EPD, showing the garment’s total impact on the environment, from construction and material choices to waste and transports.

During 2022 Fristads expand the Fristads Green collection even more by launching a high visibility collection produced with lower environmental impact – the first of its kind. The plan is to offer environmentally declared Fristads Green garments in all product segments.

“By joining the B.A.U.M. network we hope to be able to exchange ideas with other companies and to gain new experiences from others as well as to share our own – on our journey to become a more sustainable supplier. We believe that good work clothes should protect people, but not at unnecessary expense of the environment.”