Future-Proofing Through Digitalisation: OPTITEX Interview (Pt.2)

In anticipation for our upcoming webinar on the 28th of June, the PCIAW® has conducted an interview with OPTITEX regarding their digital manufacturing solutions and the benefits their process can have for clients.

This week we’ll learn about how working with OPTITEX can reduce environmental impact, increase output productivity and combat the costs associated with inflation within the textiles industry.

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How can OPTITEX technology help reduce the environmental impact of uniform production?

“Fabric waste is one of the key methods businesses impact the environment and we can reduce that with Marker, our nesting tool. In addition to this, the reduction of physical samples means both a shortening of production time and a saving on shipping and creation.“

What is the productivity impact of using OPTITEX’s solution in uniform manufacturing?

“Productivity is greatly heightened by shortening the steps needed to create a garment in PDS and reducing fabric waste in Marker. Reducing the amount of physical samples means that customers will be able to go to market sooner and the reliable fit means that there’s fewer returns on the back end.”

Can the OPTITEX solution help to mitigate the challenge of inflation in the apparel industry?

“Being able to control costs is a key method in helping mitigate against inflation. Our marker tool allows for working out exactly where you can save in fabric use on a large scale, leading to the ability to plan ahead against the rising cost of a fabric.“

The OPTITEX webinar will educate on how uniform and PPE companies can future-proof growth by digitalising the production chain to become truly sustainable brands.

As the professional clothing industry focuses on its progress to net zero, OPTITEX’s solution offers an efficient workflow that supports sizing and fit predictability, increases productivity, reduces textile waste and mitigates against the supply chain challenges of skill shortages and inflation.

Hosted by OPTITEX’s EMEA Manager, James McDermott, this webinar will also include Customer Success expert, Tamar Kikoria. Kikoria will explore the various tools OPTITEX’s product development solution offers for reducing returns and waste by utilising useful tools, ranging from cross-size simulation and advanced fit analysis tools, to PLM integration and costing.

The PCIAW® and OPTITEX will then take a special look at OPTITEX’s capabilities for military and outdoor clothing, where complex patterns and costly materials are involved.

To inspire your digital process, Giulia Sarno, OPTITEX’s Italy Manager, will share one of OPTITEX’s great customer stories in the uniform domain.

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