Garment hangers harmful to environment

Garment hangers can have a damaging effect on the earth just like plastic bags, straws and bottles, says Braiform Research, the world’s largest re-user and recycler of garment hangers.
Garment hangers are frequently disregarded in the discussion about plastic waste within the retail sector. However, with possibly billions of garments hangers ending up in landfills every year, their impact is significant.
It was discovered that re-using a hanger nine times, reduces carbon emissions by a monstrous 79% uncovered Braiform, confirmed by the Carbon Trust. The environmental advantages of this saving could be significant if all retailers partook in a hanger re-use program.
Braiform has a large global footprint and already helps its clients to re-use over 1 billion hangers each year. This procedure additionally prompts savings of 35,000 metric tonnes of plastic materials from going to waste and entering landfill, as well as reducing costs for the retailers.
As the war on single use plastics strengthens, Braiform’s hangers are being re-utilised nine times over the world and the business has partnerships with noticeable high street retailers and worldwide brands.
“We trust that this examination carries plastic hangers into the wider discussion about the effect of single use plastics on our environment. By embracing a more economical model, retailers can become more sustainable” Dr Jim Collingham, head of re-use operations.
“As the environmental expenses associated with single-use plastics and waste gain more awareness, retailers have begun to address these key difficulties. Actions to improve retail’s carbon footprint have taken place, from plastic bags to plastic straws however there is a long way to go.” Collingham clarified.

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