Global Apparel Manufacturer Dishang joins PCIAW® Trusted Members

The PCIAW® is always seeking innovative and reliable suppliers to join our Trusted Member network, and we are delighted to announce that Dishang has joined the association. Dishang has created a vast network of global manufacturing facilities and recognises the excellent platform provided by PCIAW® to enhance the company’s network and provide thought leadership on supply chain resilience.

Dishang is a leading global manufacturer of apparel, with 90 wholly-owned factories across the world. The company provides extensive manufacturing capabilities to meet diverse client needs, including uniforms, workwear, schoolwear, sportswear, fashion, and PPE. Their global network of offices supports customers in 50+ countries, ensuring efficient communication and collaboration.

Dishang prioritises ethical practices, maintaining excellent working conditions and environmental standards. The company adheres to the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) base code, conducts regular inspections, and demonstrates transparency through open auditing policies. As a member of the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX), Dishang emphasises responsible sourcing across all their projects and contracts.

With dedicated ‘in-country’ teams for product design, development, and focused global sourcing, Dishang achieves flexibility and maintains cost-effectiveness through close partnerships with fabric and trim suppliers. The company also maintains rigorous quality assurance and control procedures, meeting industry standards and striving for continuous improvement. They offer comprehensive logistics services, including stock inventory, freight consolidation, and streamlined supply chain management. With a AAA credit rating Dishang offers all its partners supply chain security and the option for credit terms.

Dishang has recently embraced 3D technology, tasking 45 3D modellers in the team to serve more than 100 brands.

The in-house 3D fabric library spans more than 50,000 digital fabrics and connects hundreds of leading mills. Digital Design Manufacture has become a powerful tool for design and development, which meets customers’ new needs for speed and flexibility. 

The PCIAW® works diligently to strengthen the influence of the industry and enable future development through a single industry-specific voice, providing solutions which facilitate business growth, product innovation and strong brands for PCIAW® Trusted Members.

PCIAW® works across the entire supply chain of the professional clothing industry, from fibre, thread and yarn producers; fabric, fastenings and accessories companies; to the end-product manufacturers from head to toe. As PCIAW® connects the professional clothing industry, our Trusted Members have become ever more interconnected as they collaboratively adopt each other’s innovative technologies to achieve higher quality.

We strive to expand our international membership base to reach every corner of the globe. Our Trusted Members include the likes of Milliken & Company, Cooneen, Hunter Apparel Solutions, Carrington Textiles, Daletec, Hohenstein, BTTG® / Shirley Technologies, Madeira, W L Gore, ANIVEC, Incorporatewear, and Cobmex Apparel, and we continue to grow our network and create connections every year.

PCIAW Uniform Networks Buyer, Trusted member