Global Aramid Expert Teijin Aramid Joins PCIAW® Membership

The PCIAW® is pleased to welcome Teijin Aramid, a global leader in high-performance aramid fibre, into our association of trusted members. Teijin Aramid expands our expertise in innovative fibre solutions across diverse industries.

Teijin Aramid is a global leader in high-performance aramid fibre, a subsidiary of the global Teijin Group. The company is working to transform potential into reality, to materialize ambitions for partners across diverse industries. Specialising in high-performance aramid fibres, their materials are used in the automotive and aerospace industries, ballistic protection and more.

Tejin Aramid’s products, including Twaron®, Teijinconex®, and Technora®, aren’t only about high performance – they’re about creating impactful, industry-specific advancements. At the heart of their operations is purpose and expertise that drives Teijin Aramid to innovate, collaborate, and deliver reliable, recyclable aramid solutions that add lasting value. Their vision for a sustainable future is rooted in a circular economy, balancing high product performance with carbon neutrality. By embracing renewable raw materials, energy, and innovative recycling methods, Teijin Aramid is building a future for sustainable, high-performance aramid fibre manufacturing.

Teijin Aramid’s global leadership in aramid fibres, coupled with their commitment to sustainable innovation, will be a valuable asset to the PCIAW® membership. We look forward to their contributions in advancing high-performance, environmentally-conscious materials for professional apparel across industries. Any buyer looking to elevate their technical garments is encouraged to explore what Teijin Aramid can bring to their range.

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