GORE-TEX Professional Sets New Standards For Police Boots With EXTRAGUARD Uppers

GORE-TEX Professional (Gore) is introducing EXTRAGUARD, an all-new upper technology for police boots that is lightweight yet durable, while noticeably increasing comfort: GORE-TEX EXTRAGUARD police boots are not only lightweight, but remain lightweight even when emergency forces have to hold out in the rain for hours at a demonstration, for example. The innovative upper material is also flame-retardant. This property is enormously important in case of fire attacks such as Molotov cocktails. The EXTRAGUARD technology is also characterised by a significantly lower ecological footprint. GORE-TEX Professional will present the new upper technology at Enforce Tac in Nuremberg (February 28 – March 01, 2023) at booth 9-311 in hall 9.

Police forces need robust, waterproof-breathable footwear that reliably protects them in all weather conditions and during dangerous operations or demonstrations. Until now, the robustness and waterproofness of the boots had to be compromised with comfort – conventional police action boots tend to be rather heavy. With increasing product life, they can lose their impregnation, so that conventional upper material can become soaked in the rain, making the boots even heavier. Another challenge is the re-drying of wet boots: it sometimes takes many hours before they are completely dry again. However, if they have to be worn again in the meantime, this can draw heat away from the foot and create cold spots.

Is light, stays light, and quick re-dry

With EXTRAGUARD, GORE-TEX Professional has developed a completely new, sustainable outer material technology that combines the advantages of robust leather with those of lightweight, flexible, and breathable textile upper materials. The technology consists of three layers: a highly abrasion-resistant and flame-retardant outer layer, a functional layer that protects against mechanical impact, and an innovative construction inner layer that absorbs hardly any water. The EXTRAGUARD upper material is 40% lighter than leather in the same thickness and dry state, and because it absorbs less moisture from the outside, it remains lightweight and dries significantly faster when wet. Combined with the waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX Lining, police forces have a new range of tactical boots.

“After years of research, we are very proud to have significantly increased key comfort features such as weight, re-drying time and breathability with EXTRAGUARD upper technology. We are also able to offer today a truly sustainable technology for tactical boots that supports police forces in their daily operations,” explains Johannes Krieg, Product Specialist at GORE-TEX Professional. “Initial feedback from wearers confirms our approach and give reason to believe for a real shift in thinking about how police boots are made.”

High performance and reduced environmental impact

With GORE-TEX EXTRAGUARD police boots, police forces can not only count on high performance and excellent wearing comfort, but the technology also sets new standards in terms of sustainability: the EXTRAGUARD upper is vegan and, according to Higg MSI (higg.com), is manufactured with less water and CO2 emissions, lower chemical use and chromium-free. It is delivered as rolled good, so there is less material waste during production. In sum, all factors significantly reduce the environmental impact.

Facts & Figures about GORE-TEX EXTRAGUARD Technology

  • GORE-TEX EXTRAGUARD tactical boots are durably waterproof and breathable. They exceed the required values according to EN ISO 20345/347.
  • The vegan and abrasion-resistant material is 40% lighter than leather when dry. Because it absorbs very little moisture from the outside, the GORE-TEX EXTRAGUARD boot stays dry even after long exposure to water or loss of initial impregnation.
  • Heat and flame resistance according to DIN EN 15090: If these boots are exposed to an open flame for 10 seconds according to DIN EN ISO 15025-A/DIN EN 15090, no afterflame occurs.

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