GORE-TEX Stretch Safety Footwear: Safety Shoes that Don’t Feel Like Safety Shoes

Optimized instep fit — Maximum comfort all day long

Safety boots upgraded. GORE-TEX Safety Footwear with Stretch Technology offers new instep comfort with the same durably waterproof and breathable protection.

The patent-pending construction combines elastic GORE-TEX laminates with elastic lining textiles by a flexible connection seam. Best-in-class footwear that is durably waterproof, highly breathable, and optimized for smooth instep comfort.

The smooth and durable laminate in the instep area eliminates the water gusset usually found in GORE-TEX shoes. This means dry and comfortable shoes that slip on and off more easily. Innovatively designed to avoid wrinkles or folds in the instep area, which can significantly reduce the chance of pinched skin. Footwear made for being effective throughout the day without experiencing discomfort.

GORE-TEX Stretch provides added comfort

Instep Fit Comfort

The stretch technology combines elastic GORE-TEX laminates with smooth, stretch inner lining materials using an elastic connection seam. This innovative GORE-TEX construction offers increased flexibility and bend for an excellent fit and added comfort. With fewer pressure points and no wrinkles, they can be easily slipped on and off. The protection wearers need in the comfort they want.

GORE-TEX Stretch is durably waterproof

Durably Waterproof

As every GORE-TEX shoe the GORE-TEX Stretch Safety Footwear offers best-in-class waterproof protection that has been extensively tested in the lab, and field-tested to ensure feet stay dry in even the most extreme conditions.

GORE-TEX Stretch is highly breathable

Highly breathable

Being highly breathable, these shoes keep feet dry and comfortable even during strenuous activities. An innovative stretch shoe construction makes this possible, combining elasticity in the instep area with a soft and flexible inner lining. With the breathable GORE-TEX laminate sweat can easily escape.

No compromise between protection and comfort

With Gore Stretch technology, GORE-TEX Safety footwear (S3) can now feature an optimized fit and added comfort in the instep/entry area—without sacrificing durable waterproofness. All while being approved in compliance with the safety requirements of EN ISO 20345:11 for S3 safety footwear.

Illustration of shoe back shows areas of stretch in GORE-TEX Stretch Safety Footwear where conventional shoe has none

Beyond conventional testing

Gore test beyond existing standards. GORE-TEX Stretch Safety Footwear has to withstand at least 100,000 flex movements in almost ankle-high water without allowing one single drop of water to penetrate the shoe. That’s 20 times more than defined in the standard EN ISO 20344:2011 which allows a water penetration of up to 3 cm2, Gore doesn’t allow any water entry at all. No more need for water gussets in the tongue area.

Illustration shows foot flexion inside shoe with GORE-TEX Stretch Safety Footwear offering best-in-class comfort

Comfort for the frontline

Gore’s rigorous testing and expertise in comfort science mean GORE-TEX Stretch Safety Footwear offers best-in-class comfort. Combining elastic GORE-TEX footwear laminates with smooth, stretch inner lining materials to prevent wrinkles and folds in the instep area. Avoids rubbing against pressure points and as quickly slipped off as they are slipped on for an excellent fit and added comfort.