GORE-TEX Stretch Technology Garments Stretch Technology For Improved Comfort And Performance

Choosing a garment to meet all climate conditions is difficult. Protective outer garments can be too loose in the summer but too tight when worn with extra layers in winter, which rarely achieves optimum comfort.
Gore’s unique elastic fabric is the solution to the problem, as it lets officers use layers to adjust to the climate comfortably, with improved freedom of movement and access to equipment.
The low force to stretch avoids compressing the layers underneath, maximising insulation and warmth while allowing the garment to still move easily with the wearer.
High stretch and recovery means that garments will always give optimum fit, flexing up to 100% to accommodate the changing layers of clothing or ballistic protection being worn.  A better fit can increase breathability by up to 25%, creating higher levels of comfort and a smarter look, without compromising protection or functionality.
GORE-TEX garments with stretch technology provides durable, breathable, waterproof protection for police rain jackets, keeping the wearer dry from inside and out.

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