GORE-TEX THERMIUM® revolutionises the market for tactical boots

Manufacturers present new operational boots for military and security forces with unique insulation technology.
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Manufacturers present new operational boots for military and security forces with unique insulation technology.

At the end of 2019, W. L. Gore & Associates (Gore) successfully introduced the innovative GORE-TEX THERMIUM® technology for shoes. Now, with HAIX, YDS, AKU and Altama/Original, four Gore partners are presenting new operational boots for the military and security forces based on this isolation technology. The innovation: GORE-TEX THERMIUM® succeeds in warming without compromising the mobility and breathability of the boots.

Mission boots are often worn over a long period of time and in challenging weather conditions. Therefore, it is important that they are not only waterproof and breathable, but also excellently insulate to keep the feet warm in cold environments. That’s why Gore’s technology is characterised by patented temperature zone mapping: Ultra-thin insulation is used specifically on temperature-critical areas of the foot. This allows a high level of thermal comfort without making the boots heavy or chunky.
“With the new models from HAIX, YDS, AKU and Altama/Original, GORE-TEX THERMIUM® is coming onto the market in various designs, designs and special features,” says Martin Pfister, product specialist at Gore Footwear for professional applications. “As different as these models are, they are all based on our high-performance technology and thus guarantee an optimal user experience, comfort and functionality.”

New generation of high-performance boots thanks to high-tech insulation

The basis of the THERMIUM® insulation is the unique combination of PTFE and silica aerogel, a material characterised by extremely low thermal conductivity. The result is an insulation technology that provides unparallelled thermal comfort because it is ultra-thin, very light and non-compressible at the same time. The insulation is only 1.7 millimetres thick and can be easily and seamlessly integrated into existing designs. At the same time, THERMIUM® is the first insulation material that can be installed outside the waterproof GORE-TEX membrane. In combination with the GORE-TEX laminate, this results in a high-tech operational boot that enables the military and security forces to wear warm and dry feet even in wet conditions.

For 40 years, Gore has shaped the PPE and performance apparel market with innovations and powerful technologies. GORE-TEX material offers comfort, protection and freedom of movement in every situation – whether hiking in pouring rain, military operations or fighting fires. At Gore, the focus is always on the users: All innovations are precisely tailored to their needs and requirements – for maximum performance and an incomparable user experience.

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