Guidance for New High Volume Manufacturers of COVID – 19 Personal Protective Equipment

The Government Office for Product Safety & Standards has published guidance for manufacturers of Covid 19 (related) Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
This guidance is intended to assist in the implementation of the processes outlined in EU 2020 403 on PPE intended to be supplied to healthcare workers.
In the context of this guide and EU 2020 403 there are 2 groups of users who would be supplied with PPE.

  1. Where the PPE is provided to healthcare workers directly acquired through the UK Government
  2. Other key workers in public and private healthcare businesses where one would supply PPE directly or through distribution 

Please note that the terms and conditions also apply to product that are being by importers.

Download the Guidance here: opss-covid-19-guidance-to-businesses-high-volume-manufacture-of-ppe-version-1-1

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