H & C Whitehead offering novel Anti-Viral finishes

Experts in cotton, synthetics and technical fibres, H & C Whitehead are a commission finisher based in Brighouse, West Yorkshire. Recently, the company has been helping the national effort by applying novel Anti-Viral finishes on behalf of their customers.

The Anti-Viral finish also offers some additional protection against virus transmission – even after laundry cycles.

Taking note that turnaround times are often measured in days rather than weeks, H & C Whitehead are helping to demonstrate that a faster and more agile UK supply of protective workwear can be possible.

On the face of it, H & c Whitehead may seem like a traditional Yorkshire textile finisher, born out of the natural ‘soft water’ valleys of Calderdale in 1925 to service the then-thriving local weavers. However, after reinventing themselves time and time again to continue to add value in changing markets, traditional is not how you’d describe their modern-day factory today.

Featuring some of the latest and most sophisticated finishing machinery in the world, they can offer treatments such as:

  • crease resistance
  • shrink resistance
  • anti-microbial
  • improved abrasion
  • softening/stiffening
  • anti-fraying
  • anti-seam slippage
  • anti-pilling
  • expert fabric straightening
  • flame retardant applications

For further information, please contact Damian@hcwhitehead.co.uk, call 01484 712151 or visit www.hcwhitehead.co.uk.

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