Happy Tenth Anniversary Ecmanage!

On the 1st July 2010, ecmanage sold their first contract. Now, ten years later, ecmanage have celebrated their tenth anniversary, sending out beautifully made cakes to their customers! The PCIAW was lucky enough to receive a cake and we want to share our huge congratulations with ecmanage on this milestone.

Before their first contract was sold, the ecmanage team worked hard to develop their platform to the highest standard. Together with software company ‘OIS’, ecmanage was developed to fruition. This dedication to continuous quality is proven by their customers, some of whom have remained with ecmanage since the beginning of 2010!

The idea for a wardrobe management system came from an increasing need for a reliable and effective ordering system for workwear and tools in the professional clothing industry.

Over the years, ecmanage have made a consistent point of evaluating all customer feedback and then incorporating it into their system. This has allowed for the development of an entirely complete system with many functionalities.

By allowing their platform room for growth and improvement, ecmanage is used by companies throughout Europe as it offers constant upgrades and improvement to strive for the highest quality.

This pro-active, performance-driven innovation has led to great success for ecmanage who recently won a contract with G4S: the world’s leading integrated security system. This contract win demonstrates the easy and effective platform that ecmanage can deliver.

The aim for Ecmanage has always been to develop the most complete, most efficient wardrobe management system within the professional clothing industry. Their commitment to innovative and continuous system updates bring this aim ever closer.

Ecmanage would like to thank all of their partners and customers over the past ten years and hugely look forward to all there is yet to come.

To read the PCIAW’s full profile on Ecmanage, please visit pciaw.org